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Nexus in the Media // Archive 2017

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Media  |  11 Dec 2017

Konrad Adenauer Foundation // „Make Water not War“

There can be no talk of mutual trust between Israel and Palestine: US President Trump has just recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital and wants to transfer the US Embassy of Tel Aviv there, causing violent protests and...› more

Media  |  21 Nov 2017

The Nexus: Efficient Approaches

The Sim4nexus and Magic consortia outlines how detailed understanding of the Nexus – water, land, energy, food, climate – can facilitate decision making. Even though the concept of the integrated management of natural resources...› more

Media  |  16 Nov 2017

World Bank Blog // Taking a Holistic Approach to Water Management in India

For the first time in India, two hydrology projects – Hydrology I (1995-2003) and Hydrology II (2006-2014) – supported by the World Bank, have introduced new systems and technology that give reservoir managers an accurate picture...› more

MENA  |  , Media  |  14 Nov 2017

Horizon // Jordan joins Mediterranean research effort to tackle water, food insecurity

Jordan has become the 19th country to sign up to an international research effort to tackle water scarcity and food insecurity in the Mediterranean region. The agreement was signed in a ceremony at the World Science Forum in...› more

Media  |  , MENA  |   1 Nov 2017

New York Times // Jordan Water Crisis Worsens as Mideast Tensions Slow Action

Jordanians don't need scientists to tell them that they live in one of the world's driest countries in the center of the planet's most water-poor region. But recent studies suggest the kingdom, a Western ally and refugee host...› more

Media  |   6 Oct 2017

The Independent // Water evaporation could provide vast amounts of renewable energy, find scientists

By Ian Johnston. A machine has been invented that can turn the movement of bacterial spores as air humidity changes into electricity› more

Media  |   1 Sep 2017

Water-Energy Nexus // Turkey tests first floating 260 kW solar power plant in Istanbul

Turkey got its first floating solar plant on August 4 when a solar array of 250 kW became operational on lake Buyukcekmece lake outside Istanbul as a test which could lead to more similar facilities on lakes and reservoirs. The...› more

Media  |  31 Aug 2017

tagesschau // 160,000 solar panels on the water (German)

In Huainan, China, a very special solar power plant has been put into operation. Where only a few farmers lived a few years ago, some 160,000 solar modules are now swimming on a lake. The floating power plant has advantages, but...› more

Media  |  12 Jul 2017

BBC // Food trade drains global water sources at 'alarming' rates

By Matt McGrath. The global market for foodstuffs is depleting water sources in many parts of the world quicker than they can naturally be refilled. The complex trade is increasing pressure on non-renewable groundwater, mainly...› more

Media  |   7 Jul 2017

BBC // Welsh Water invests £250m to produce green energy

Welsh Water is investing £250m to help produce its own energy needs and cut its £44m annual utility bill.› more

Media  |  , MENA  |   6 Jul 2017

Financial Tribune // Morocco to Build Largest Seawater Desalination Plant

The project will be developed by Abengoa, a Spain-based company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, in the Agadir region in partnership with the National Office...› more

Media  |   6 Jul 2017

The Stand // Food waste leaves energy production much to digest

By Grant Reynolds and Paul Jones. How combining food waste with sewerage treatment could provide a source of renewable energy and reduce landfill.› more

Media  |  , MENA  |   3 Jul 2017

Info Médiaire // Morocco launches world-largest project for desalination of shared seawater for irrigation and drinking water fueled by renewable energies

The National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water (ONEE) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Maritime Fishing, Rural Development, Water and Forests have signed a public-private partnership for this project in the Souss Massa...› more

Media  |  26 Jun 2017 // Sheffield bioenergy experts collaborate with Egyptian partners to produce drinking water

Seawater in Egypt could be turned into drinking water using biomass energy as a source of heat in a new collaborative project from academics at the University of Sheffield UK and Port Said University in Egypt. The unique two year...› more

Media  |   2 Jun 2017

The Wire // The ‘Water-Employment-Migration’ Explosive Nexus

By Baher Kamal. A Global Water Partnership-led forum in December 2016 found a dangerous nexus between water insecurity, enduring unemployment and increasing migration in the Mediterranean.› more

Media  |   8 May 2017

Food Integrity Campaign Blog // Bringing Attention to the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus was initially discussed at length at a conference in Bonn, Germany, in 2011, but the gist is neither dated nor technical. It is simply a way of illustrating that the things we need and the ways we...› more

Media  |   5 May 2017

Forbes // Meeting The World's Food, Water And Energy Needs: A Reason For Optimism

By Daniel Runde. How will we feed the 9 billion people that will live on this planet in a few decades? Will we have enough water for all these people to drink? Will there be sufficient water to grow the food we will eat, and to...› more

Media  |  , South Asia  |   4 May 2017

New Security Beat // Worst Drought in 140 Years Leads to Farmer Deaths, Riots, Policy Impasse in Cauvery Delta

By Keith Schneider. The contest between dwindling freshwater reserves and steadily rising demand has been tightening for years in the Cauvery River Basin, this articleby Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center reports. It is part of...› more

Media  |  25 Apr 2017 // Overuse of groundwater for irrigation is leading India to disaster. Here’s what India needs to do

By Raghu Murtugudde. New technologies provide new opportunities and solutions› more

Media  |   4 Apr 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald // 'Barbaric': Adani's giant coal mine granted unlimited water licence for 60 years

By Peter Hannam. The proposed Adani coal mine, which will be Australia's biggest, has been granted unlimited access to groundwater by the Queensland government in a move farmers fear will drain huge amounts of water from the...› more

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