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Nexus in the Media // Archive 2016

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Media  |  22 Dec 2016

BBC // Are India and Pakistan set for water wars?

By Navin Singh Khadka. India is stepping up efforts to maximise its water use from the western rivers of the Indus basin, senior officials have told the BBC. The move would involve building huge storage facilities and canals.› more

Media  |   8 Dec 2016

CIFOR Forest News // Wanjira Mathai: "Landscape restoration is about gender equality"

"Addressing the integrity of our landscapes is about addressing food security; it’s about addressing water security and energy security, and with that, women’s equality," says Wanjira Mathai, Director of Partnerships for Women’s...› more

Media  |   2 Dec 2016

The Economist // Liquidity crisis

As water becomes ever more scant the world needs to conserve it, use it more efficiently and establish clear rights over who owns the stuff. Where water is available, when and in what condition matters hugely. About 97% of the...› more

Media  |   2 Dec 2016

Circle of Blue // Better Water Decisions in the Age of Deep Uncertainty

By Brett Walton. Year-old scientific society seeks new responses for an era of rapid change: The old ecological and political order is crumbling. When calculations are complete, 2016 will be the hottest year on record, surpassing...› more

Media  |  , MENA  |   2 Dec 2016

Jordan Times // Entrepreneurs urged to focus on water, energy, food as interconnected sectors

Entrepreneurs and researchers in the Arab region are invited to focus on the interlinked sectors of energy, food and water and be catalysts of change to create more environmentally aware and sustainable societies, thought leaders...› more

Media  |  29 Nov 2016

cityscope // Cities and experimentation are central to water sustainability

By Michael Tiboris. Bolstered by the SDGs framework, cities must open themselves up to becoming laboratories for urban water-policy reform.› more

Media  |  11 Nov 2016

Business Insider // These solar panels can literally pull clean drinking water out of thin air

Our atmosphere contains approximately 3,100 cubic miles of water — enough to cover the entire planet in one inch of water. That water surrounds us in the form of vapor — water’s gaseous, evaporated state. Zero Mass Water, a...› more

Media  |   9 Nov 2016

BRINK News // The Thirst for Power: Hydroelectricity in a Water Crisis World

The Earth’s thirst for power is teetering toward crisis in an era of increasing water scarcity where nine of its largest operating power plants are hydroelectric. As the countries work to balance the energy trilemma and provide...› more

Media  |  31 Oct 2016

AlJazeera // Growing food with seawater and solar power

By Ryan Rifai. World's first mass-scale facility that grows tomatoes without soil, fresh water, or fossil fuels launches in Australia.› more

Media  |  18 Oct 2016

My Statesman // New book explores relationship between water and energy

Water needs energy; energy needs water. That simple fact is at the heart of a new book by University of Texas mechanical engineering associate professor Michael Webber. The book, called “Thirst for Power,” takes a big picture...› more

Media  |  18 Oct 2016

nature // Scientific buzzwords obscure meaning

‘Nexus’ is enjoying new-found popularity. But what does it actually mean? Perhaps, like the most distant stars, the nexus is best viewed only with peripheral vision: we can see it’s there, but we shouldn’t focus our gaze directly...› more

Media  |  , North America  |  18 Oct 2016

The Guardian // Is using less water the secret to cutting our greenhouse gas emissions?

California, which uses 20% of its electricity in supplying water, just passed a law to collect emissions data from water utilities› more

Media  |  , MENA  |  17 Oct 2016

ReliefWeb // The Nexus of Climate Change and Conflict in the Arab Region

By Kishan Khoday. Climate change amplifies competition for resources in communities and transboundary disputes between countries. This is even more the case in the Arab region, the world’s most water insecure region and with the...› more

Media  |  12 Oct 2016

Circle of Blue // Marriage Of Coal And Water In Arizona Renews Vows

By Brett Walton. A five-decade-old bond in Arizona between coal power and the delivery of Colorado River water to cities, tribes, and farms may last another quarter-century. The union of coal and water is a foundation of...› more

Media  |  12 Oct 2016

MIT Technology Review // To Make Fresh Water without Warming the Planet, Countries Eye Solar Power

By Richard Martin. Solar-powered desalination is ideal—if only the cost comes down.› more

Media  |  12 Oct 2016

MIT Technology Review // A Desert Full of Tomatoes, Thanks to Solar Power and Seawater

By Michael Reilly and Jamie Condliffe. Sundrop Farms has used a clever system to grow food using unlikely ingredients — but is the idea likely to catch on?› more

Media  |  10 Oct 2016

Circle of Blue // U.S. Hydropower Grows By Going Small

By Brett Walton. Hydropower in the United States is primed for a shakeup. On one hand, utilities and governments are tearing down old dams with increasing frequency. These dams often produce little or no power while dividing...› more

Media  |   7 Oct 2016

GreenTechMedia // How Batteries Can Make the Water System More Grid-Friendly

By Jeff St. John. Advanced Microgrid Solutions is using Tesla batteries to turn Irvine’s water treatment plants and pumps into energy assets.› more

Media  |  27 Sep 2016

The Guardian // Africa's portable solar revolution is thwarting thieves

More secure supplies of electricity are helping to spawn new industries in rural Africa by enabling reliable refrigeration and irrigation › more

Media  |  26 Sep 2016

Forbes // Water, Energy, Food - Increasingly, Everything Is Connected

People often think of scientists as solitary types, working alone in our labs, focused on a narrow topic. But if that was ever true, it’s not now. Scientific discovery and creating new technologies don’t fit in a box. That’s...› more

Results 1 - 20 / 143