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Job Vacancy // Researcher Global Water-Food-Biodiversity Nexus

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Wageningen Research is looking for a Master of Science (or post-doc) researcher trained in hydrology or environmental sciences (or comparable). You need to have strong analytical skills, and preferably experience with quantitative model analyses and programming (C, R, ArcGIS). Moreover, interest in international environmental issues is essential. You will be working in a multi-disciplinary team, so excellent social skills are required. You also have good writing and communication skills, and are fluent in English. The project will be science-oriented and the results will need to be published in scientific publications.


Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency


Water is crucial for both food production and biodiversity. Currently, water scarcity already leads to reduced food production and negative impacts on nature, while projections show that increasing water demand and climate change could lead to more severe water scarcity in the future. The interaction between these systems is referred to as the water-food-biodiversity nexus. Understanding and managing this nexus is critical to ensure the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals related to eradicating poverty and protecting the biodiversity worldwide.

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Wageningen Research are working closely together in projects related to this nexus, among others in the European funded SIM4NEXUS project. In these projects we aim to use the IMAGE Integrated Assessment Model Framework to make projections how the nexus could develop in different parts of the world. More specifically, we will use and further develop the dynamic global vegetation model LPJmL, part of the IMAGE framework to look into the hydrological cycle in relation to land use. Part of your time your place of work will be at Wageningen Environmental Research.


  • Salary level: scale 10 and scale 11
  • Monthly salary: min € 2,631 - max. € 4,809 (gross)
  • Employment contract: temporary appointment for the duration of the project
  • Contract-term appointment of 1 year with possible extension of 1 year
  • Minimum number of hours per week: 32
  • Maximum number of hours per week: 36

In addition to the salary and holiday pay, you can expect to receive an end-of-year payment, the so-called ‘13th month’. The national government strongly adheres to personal growth and career development and offers several opportunities to facilitate this. The terms of employment include, amongst other things, a maximum of 55% paid parental leave (conditions apply), facilities to study, an additional leave plan for older employees and reimbursement of commuting costs. Moreover, the national government also offers a range of options to shape your total employment package based on individual choice.

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