event 03 Jun 2011

Interview // Maryam Rahmanian: "...such a decision would be to the benefit of all of humanity"

Interview with Maryam Rahmanian, research associate at the Iran based Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment (CENESTA)

Rahmanian m
Mrs. Rahmanian cites the production of biofuels as a topical example for the interdependences within the water, energy and food security nexus where trade offs can be to the benefit of some countries or sectors and to the harm of others. Concerning the issue of "land grabbing" Mrs. Rahmanian states that new challenges in allocating water resources require a decision about the responsibilities on a global level. #include:video:jwplayer:video/wef_rahmanian.flv //The video-interview was produced on the second meeting of the International Steering Committee (ISC) from 30 to 31 of March in Bonn.

Tina Schmiers


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