event 25 May 2023

Frexus Project // Cleaning of the water supply canal of the Koboro pond in the commune of Soboundou

The Frexus project, in partnership with NGO ODI-Sahel, is currently undertaking a canal dredging project near the Koboro waterhole to enhance agricultural production, fish farming, and restore vegetation cover, fostering sustainable resource management and community development in Soboundou.

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In collaboration with local authorities, the Frexus project, along with NGO ODI-Sahel, has provided technical and financial support to empower the local population in addressing development challenges. Since May 1st, 2023, the communities residing near the Koboro waterhole and the authorities of Soboundou have been working on the canal's dredging, a 4 km-long channel with approximately 5,000 m3 of debris. The approach involves engaging 3,000 young individuals for 30 days of intensive labour using the HIMO approach.

The Koboro waterhole is an exceptional agro-sylvo-pastoral zone where farmers, herders, and fishermen have coexisted for thousands of years, harmoniously pursuing their respective activities. Covering a total area of around 2,000 hectares, the waterhole directly benefits eight villages (N'Gourouné, Babadengo, Bagna, Tieba, N'Goro, Mangourou, Gouaty, and Niafunké), housing over 71,971 inhabitants. It stands as the third development sector in the rural commune of Soboundou.

This activity is part of an action plan derived from a dialogue process for sustainable and peaceful management of natural resources. Its implementation will not only enhance cereal and vegetable production during flood and recession periods but also improve fish farming and restore vegetation cover in former grazing areas, which holds significant value for herders.

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