Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme launched by UNESCO-IHE

Fellowshop // Experienced Water Postdoc Fellowship COFUND Programme launched by UNESCO-IHE

The programme is co-financed by the European Union's Marie Curie Programme and offers 16 fellowships that will cover a research period of 24 months. The first call for applications will open on 1 March 2014, pending EC final approval of the contract.

Proposed research should fall within at least one of the 6 research themes of UNESCO-IHE, one of which is "water, food and energy security".

About the EWPFP COFUND Programme

The EWPFP COFUND is a competitive, merit-based postdoctoral programme that aims to attract international researchers near the start of their research careers to conduct their research project within, and relevant to, at least one of the UNESCO-IHE Chair Groups. The fellowship includes a research project prepared by the research fellow and implemented at UNESCO-IHE. Fellows have freedom to choose a project within the research setting of UNESCO-IHE and relevant public and private partners.

First Call for Applications

Within the project there will be calls for applications for 8 fellowships in 2014 and 8 fellowships in 2016. The first call for applications will officially open from 1 March 2014 to 30 April 2014. Eligible individuals are experienced researchers in the broad field of water and development, who are resident outside of the Netherlands and have not have lived in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the last 3 years. Furthermore, they should be in possession of a doctorate degree, awarded no more than 6 years ago.

Proposed research should fall within at least one of the 6 research themes of UNESCO-IHE:

-Safe drinking water and sanitation

-Water-related hazards and climate change

-Water and ecosystems quality

-Water management and governance

-Information and knowledge systems

-Water, food and energy security

Applications can be done by filling out the online application form, which will be available on 1 March 2014, and submitting a full research proposal. For more information about the application criteria and selection process, read the Guide for Applicants or check the EWPFP COFUND website.

Funding Conditions

UNESCO-IHE EWPFP COFUND Fellows will receive a two-year working contract. This position is temporary for a period of 2 years. The position is based in Delft, The Netherlands. However, fieldwork can be done abroad or in partner institutions. A competitive salary for Postdoc positions (starting scale10 / end scale 11 CAO Dutch Universities) is offered depending on qualifications and experience in accordance with the conditions of employment for Dutch Universities.

More information


or send an email to {waterpostdoc@unesco-ihe.org}

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