event 21 Sep 2020

Nexus Blog // Nexus Game

MAGIC Nexus has designed an educational game displaying the complexity of interlinkages of several policy domains (food, energy, climate, water, land).

MAGIC Nexus Game Image1

By MAGIC Nexus.

The European Union (EU) needs to secure its future food and energy supply while keeping environmental impacts within safe boundaries: reduce carbon emissions while staying within the sustainable limits to land and water use. Reconciling the policy targets on food and energy security, sustainable and efficient resource use, and climate adaptation is a major challenge due to the many feedbacks in terms of the water-land-carbon-food-energy nexus.

As a part of the EU MAGIC Nexus H2020 project, an online educational game has been developed that aims to provide the player an understanding of how changes in production systems and consumption patterns affect internal resource use and external dependency. The MAGIC Nexus Game targets students and laymen who want to learn about the interactions in the water-land-carbon-food-energy nexus.

The MAGIC Nexus Game is available at https://magic-nexus.eu/magic-nexus-game. It can be played on an individual basis at two levels of complexity and is also suitable for collaborative serious gaming in a (virtual) classroom setting.

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