Agriwaterpedia awards prices of 5,000 Euro for articles on the Nexus and related topics

Competition // Agriwaterpedia awards prices of 5,000 Euro for articles on the Nexus and related topics invites the global water and agriculture community to share their knowledge on the most crucial resource of the future: water for food, water for life. For this purpose has decided to launch an open competition to increase the leverage of knowledge in this area and to invite self-selected contributions to expand the existing knowledge platform. Submission deadline is 31 Dec 2013.

Agriwaterpedia is the major wiki that focuses on agricultural water management and the challenge of achieving food security in the context of climate change in developing countries. It seeks to engage those who work in agricultural water management to enhance their capacity to implement innovative solutions.

70% of globally available water resources are used for food production; most of the world's water resources are managed by those who produce food e.g. farmers and pastoralists. At current levels of water withdrawal the world will be facing a 30% water gap by 2030. However, there has been neglect of agricultural water management policies in development since the 1980s. The resulting loss has affected the knowledge how to manage food production and agricultural water resources across the world. Global climate change will put further pressure on global water resources. Only the right know-how will solve the coming water crises.

Participation Conditions

-In order to participate, a user account must be created agreeing to Agriwaterpedia's terms of use.

-The participants may contribute articles on topics of expertise to the website. All open competition contributions must be added to the portal section "open competition".

-Only new contributions will enter the competition. Editing of existing articles, except for the highlighted ones, can not be considered by the competition jury. The number of contributions is not limited.

-The user agrees that all contributed content can be used in accordance with Wiki legal principles. Articles are becoming public domain and cannot be withdrawn from the page after publication. By participating in the open competition, the user agrees that his or her name is published on the website if the contributed article is selected by the jury as among the twenty best articles.

-The participant of the competition must have copyright to all uploaded content. For legal issues concerning the publication of graphics, pictures, illustrations etc., please refer to the guidelines for writing articles (only open source or your own material).

-Staff-members of the Agriwaterpedia Working Group and members of the jury are excluded from participation.

-The notification of awards will be send to the e-mail address you provided when first registering on as a user.

Quality Criteria

-The assessment of the article will be made on the basis of the instruction given under "Writing Articles".

-The subject of the article should be in line with the topics covered by, i.e. agricultural water management in the context of food security and climate change in developing countries.

-Authors should keep in mind the main types of users wants to serve: generalists working in development organisations and practitioners in development programmes. Hence, the articles are not intended to fulfill the formal standards of scientific publications. However, contents are intended to be factual, notable, verifiable with cited external sources, and neutrally presented.

-Clarity and concision of the article will be taken into consideration as well as correct spelling

-The article should conform to the formal instructions of, especially in relation to the length and format, simple language. Please see "Writing Articles".

-All contributions must be submitted in English.

-All contributions should have a minimum of 800 words and a maximum of 2,500 words.

Prizes is going to award prizes for the best twenty new contributions which shall be selected by a jury of internationally acknowledged experts.

-1st: 1,000 Euro

-2nd: 800 Euro

-3rd: 500 Euro

-4th: 400 Euro

-5th-7th: 300 Euro

-8th-10th: 200 Euro

-11th-20th: 100 Euro


-John Anthony Allan, Winner of the Stockholm Water Prize 2008, King`s College London.

-Charlotte de Fraiture, Professor of Hydraulic Engineering for Land and Water Development, UNESCO-IHE.

-Cecilia Tortajada, President of the Third World Centre for Water Management in Mexico.


Final dates for submission of contributions: 31st December 2013 noon.


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