Call for Nominations // Steering Committee members for Knowledge-Action Network on Water-Energy-Food Nexus

Future Earth is seeking nominations for members to join the Steering Committee of this research collaboration. Terms will begin in February 2018, and the deadline for nominations is 20 January 2018.

Knowledge-Action Networks are networks of people and organisations collaborating to build the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the greatest sustainability challenges of our time. They seek to establish collaboration between existing projects, networks and individuals. The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network aims to better understand interactions between water, energy and food systems, and how the synergies and trade-offs among them can be better managed with the goal of delivering these needs for all in a sustainable and equitable way.

The Nexus Knowledge-Action Network started with a scoping process in 2016 to 2017, driven by a Development Team, whose mandate was to design a Research and Engagement Plan. This plan specifies the goals and guiding principles of the Knowledge-Action Network, as well as a set of priority activities to be initiated in the coming months. The mandate of the Development Team will be over by the end of 2017, and this team will be replaced by the Steering Committee beginning in early 2018. 

With the support of the Future Earth Secretariat, the international Steering Committee will initiate and stimulate activities of the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network. Activities initiated by the Steering Committee will enhance collaboration and interaction among the research communities and practice communities working on Nexus issues, spurring the co-creation of new knowledge and the application of knowledge in practice.  

The Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee’s activities aim to:

Build community and mobilise capacity to collaborate on Water-Energy-Food Nexus research and innovation. That includes:

  • Organising conferences and workshops;
  • Connecting people and building collaborations;
  • Supporting fellowships and training programmes.

Facilitate, co-design, synthesise and amplify research on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to scale solutions across sectors and geographies. That includes:

  • Co-designing research agendas;
  • Developing projects that have the potential to catalyse transformations;
  • Producing synthesis reports/papers and policy briefs;
  • Amplifying new knowledge to drive actions.

The Steering Committee is expected to represent a range of areas of expertise from diverse regions. Steering Committee members will be selected based on: (1) their standing as “bridgers” (they have a strong record of working at disciplinary and/or sectoral interfaces at an international scale); and (2) their willingness to serve the community and invest time by leading in organising activities.

The success of the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network will rely on the input of its Steering Committee members to a large extent. In seeking nominations, we are looking for a high level of commitment to the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network goals and activities.

The general tasks of the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee members will be to:

  • Identify research priorities and related activities;
  • Seed project ideas that have the potential to catalyse transformations;
  • Lead or become involved in some of the activities initiated by the Knowledge-Action Network;
  • Collaborate to develop partnerships and expand funding.

In addition, a Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee Member is expected to:

  • Provide sustained guidance to the team of the Future Earth Secretariat supporting Nexus Knowledge-Action Network activities, which includes being responsive to requests and leading on activities;
  • Participate in and make an active contribution to the Steering Committee meetings (at least three web meetings per year).

The regular term of Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Steering Committee membership is three years and may be renewed for an additional three years. Nominations to the Steering Committee can be made by individuals and will be considered by the current Development Team of the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network. Selected candidates will then be recommended to Future Earth for final approval. When selected, the Steering Committee members will receive a formal appointment letter. The Steering Committee members, once selected, will decide whether to have a rotating chair or rotating co-chairs.

Candidates can nominate themselves by sending:

Applications must be sent by email to

Eight Steering Committee positions are available, starting February 2018. Further inquiries can be addressed to the Future Earth Secretariat ( You can learn more about the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network here.

Application Deadline: 20 January 2018

Submit application to email address:

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