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News  |   9 Feb 2018

21st River Symposium 2018 // Nexus Abstract Submission

The 21st River Symposium will take place 14-17 Oct 2018 in Sydney, Australia. Abstract submission is now open, with the water-energy-food nexus being one of the 2018 topics. Deadline for submission is 23 March 2018.

Less than 1% of the planet surface comprises freshwater, yet it is this freshwater – our rivers, lakes and wetlands – that sustains us. Rivers underpin our economies, providing water for agricultural lands, fisheries, tourism and cities to support growing populations and diverse cultures. Today, more than ever, we need to embrace innovative practices to manage our rivers and river basins.

The 21st International Riversymposium intends to facilitate critical thinking, focus on solutions and inspire delegates to move beyond ‘business as usual’ approaches and outcomes. This symposium will have an emphasis on training and professional development, ensure delegates have the skills and knowledge to implement and deliver what they learn.

Abstract submission is open.
Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, 23 March 2018.

The core topic lines are:

  • Integrated river basin management
  • River science
  • Environmental and cultural flows 
  • Communicating science 
  • Rivers by design
  • Engagement, inclusiveness and ethics
  • Governance, international relations and leadership 
  • Technology innovations
  • Water security, climate change and natural disasters 
  • Achieving sustainable development goal 6
  • Traditional knowledge and cultural heritage

The organisers explicitly list the water-energy-food nexus as a subtopic of integrated river basin management.

Abstract Submission

  • Submissions on any topic related to the conference will be considered. However, please refer to our list of topics for guidance and read about what we are looking for below.
  • You may choose to submit an abstract for either an oral presentation (10-15 minutes) or a poster.
  • The abstract must not exceed 300 words.
  • Submissions must include a brief biography of the presenter of up to 100 words.
  • Judges will endeavour to notify submitters and provide presenter guidelines by Friday 27 April, 2018.
  • The IRS Program Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any submission.
  • Presenters must arrange their own funding and visas to attend the event. Final confirmation of attendance is required by Wednesday, 15 August or we reserve to right to withdraw our offer.

For detailled information, please check the conference website.

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Jobs  |  , News  |  20 Feb 2018

Water-Energy Nexus // Internship on Desalination at UNU-INWEH

As intern at UNU-INWEH, you will collect and synthesize data on the status of desalinated water across countries and regions, search of literature for the economics of desalination, policy and institutional aspects, and...› more

News  |  13 Feb 2018

From Isolation to Integration // New UN Report Provides Roadmap to More Sustainable Resource Management

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News  |  , MENA  |   9 Feb 2018

Desalination // Action Group Renewable Energy Desalination contributed to EC positioning paper on Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems Nexus

The Renewable Energy Desalination Action Group, represented by Guillermo Zaragoza from CIEMAT-PSA, participated in the Workshop for the “EC Position Paper on the WEFE Nexus and SDGs” organised by DG DEVCO and JRC on 25-26 January...› more