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Jobs  |  , News  |   9 Oct 2017

NSF-funded Graduate Student Opportunities // "Bridging Divides across the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus" at University of Montana, USA

Applicants are sought for a NSF-funded graduate traineeship (National Research Traineeship; NRT) at the University of Montana, UM BRIDGES: Bridging Divides across the Food, Energy, and Water Nexus. Fellowships are available for PhD and MS students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) disciplines, including in the Departments of Ecosystem & Conservation Sciences, Geosciences, Economics, Environmental Studies, Forest Management, and Society & Conservation.

Fellows will receive a living stipend (USD34K/year), tuition scholarship, and research support (travel, supplies); take coursework on the food-energy-water (FEW) nexus and workshops to develop professional and research skills; participate in other traineeship activities; be engaged with an intellectual community and cohort of other graduate students interested in the FEW nexus, and conduct disciplinary and interdisciplinary research related to the FEW nexus in consultation with their graduate advisor.

Example research themes include:

  • FEW issues and tradeoffs in river and rangeland systems;
  • energy transitions and implications for agriculture and water;
  • drought management in the face of climate change uncertainty; and
  • tribal and indigenous issues at the FEW nexus.

Students will apply to and be based in participating departments.

Additional information, including contact information for participating faculty, eligibility requirements, and application procedures, can be found at UM BRIDGES encourages applicants from underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

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