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Publication // Renewables 2021. Global Status Report

Key findings of REN21's Renewables Global Status Report are the record addition of electricity capacity despite the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and the moderate increase in the share of renewables in total final energy consumption. This is partly due to rising global energy demand, continued consumption and investment in new fossil fuels. Despite international calls to "build back better", the majority of energy-related clean-up funds during the COVID-19 crisis went to support fossil fuels.

REN21 Report2021

The report highlights the alarming gap between targets and action: fifteen G20 countries have no renewable energy target. The share of fossil fuels in energy consumption has not fallen for the 10th consecutive year. Despite the historic 4% drop in primary energy demand, 2020 has not become a game changer. The report released today shows that we are far from the paradigm shift needed towards a cleaner, healthier and more equitable energy future.

"We are confronted with the bitter reality that the climate policy promises of the last decade have mostly been empty words. The share of fossil fuels in final energy consumption has not moved an inch."

- Rana Adib, Executive Director REN21.

REN21 sees the main reason for the low market penetration of renewable energy as the continued lack of supportive policies and enforcement, especially in the transport, heating and cooling sectors. It also underlines that structural change is necessary to achieve long-term climate goals, as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere continued to rise to new record levels, even though emissions declined. Also, despite the increased interest in net zero targets during the year, they do not necessarily cover all greenhouse gases or all sectors, nor do they necessarily lead to increased attention to renewable energy or success in meeting renewable energy targets.

REN21 is the only global community of stakeholders from governments, academia, research, NGOs and industry from all renewable energy sectors. The annual Renewables Global Status Report provides comprehensive information on renewable energies as a standard work worldwide. The 2021 edition was written by over 200 experts.

More information

Explore the interactive online version of the report: you can read it from beginning to end, move around within a chapter or jump between chapters using the handy links. It is available for translation in over 100 languages.

The 2021 edition of the Renewables Global Status Report is available to download along with the Key Messages for Decision Makers, the data-pack and a zip file of all of the report’s charts and graphs.

For more information visit the REN21 website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


Renewables 2021 Global Status Report

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