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Policy brief // Enhanced water security and energy access: Key investments for Sub Saharan Africa

By C. Ringler, A. M. Alqarawy, W. Brent, G. Collins, P. Orengoh, B. Scanlon, L. Yaseen. The Think20 task force on Sustainable Energy, Food, and Water Systems makes five recommendations to redress the slowdown of investments and accelerate clean energy access in Africa. The T20 Task Force is a G20 engagement group connecting and collaborating with think tanks around the world to provide ideas and recommendations and one of 10 advising Saudi Arabia G20 Presidency,

Access to water energy food in Sub Sahara Africa

Access to water, energy, and food, by region. Source: Authors, based on data from the World Bank (2019)


Investments in energy are urgently needed in Sub-Saharan Africa. Such investments can unlock access to water resources, increase food security, accelerate rural employment, and increase income. To achieve clean energy access and associated water and food security sustainably and equitably, the authors recommend that the Group of Twenty (G20): (1) develop an understanding of accessible water resources and optimal rural energy system sizing; (2) strengthen the enabling policy and financial environment for renewable energy systems; (3) increase investment in rural renewable energy systems that support productive use; (4) ensure that energy, water, and food policies and investments are gender sensitive; and (5) overcome siloed thinking to improve governance across the water, energy, and food sectors.


Energy; Food Security; Gender; Governance; Investment, Livelihoods; Policy; Water Productivity


December 2020


T20 Saudi Arabia


Ringler, C.; Alqarawy, A. M.; Brent, W.; Collins, G.; Orengoh, P.; Scanlon, B.; Yaseen, L. 2021. Enhanced water security and energy access: Key investments for Sub Saharan Africa. Colombo, Sri Lanka: CGIAR Research Program on Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE). 9p.


Enhanced water security and energy access: Key investments for Sub Saharan Africa

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