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Presentation // The WEF Nexus in LAC

By Raul Munoz Castillo, INE/WSA, at WSA Water Week, Panama, May 2017

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Presentation wef nexus in lac


  • Que es el Nexo?
  • Si, pero que es el Nexo?
  • Entonces, que significa esto del Nexo?
  • The importance of Nexus for LAC
  • Nexus in LAC
  • The WEF Nexus at the IDB
  • Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs)
  • The Global Change Assessment (GCAM) Model
  • The GCAM Global Hydrologic Model
  • Projecting water demands into the future
  • The impact of climate change on hydropower availability in Brazil and China
  • ESW 2016: Regional Water Scarcity
  • FEW 2017-2018: Casos de Estudio - Candidatos
  • What is next?: Downscaling capabilities
  • What is next?: Groundwater
  • What is next?: Dashboard
  • Virtual Scarce Water Flows: Ethanol Exports


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