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Nexus in Large Asian River Basins // Water-Food Nexus in Citarum Watershed, Indonesia

By R.F. Lubis, R. Delinom, S. Martosuparno and H. Bakti. The water-food nexus is promoted as an approach to look at the linkages between water and food. The articles of Water's Special Issue "Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Large Asian River Basins" look at the applicability of the nexus approach in different regions and rivers basins in Asia.

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Citarum River was selected for the case of Indonesia study site of RIHN Water-food Nexus Project with a focus on the Juanda/Jatiluhur dam as the downstream of the three large cascaded reservoirs and river estuary at the Jakarta Bay. As a result, there are a variety of interpretations for the nexus. These include three complementary perspectives that perceive nexus as an analytical approach, governance framework and emerging discourse. Secondly, nexus is a predominantly water-sector driven and water-centred concept. Evaluation of water quality of Citarum River and the increasing demands for water-food nexus revealed the critical status even at present condition that requires strategic decision to modify the water allocation policy to ensure human-environmental sustainability water security.


IOPscience (open access)




Earth and Environmental Science, Volume 118, conference 1

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