event 14 oct. 2016

Nexus Country Profile // Ethiopia

By Mohammad Al-Saidi, Tatjana Schellenberg and Emma Roach. This 8-page country profile looks at water, energy and land and lists the specific trade-offs between these sectors for Ethiopia. The profile includes a short nexus assessment of the situation and a suggestion of possible solutions.

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The major reasons for food, water and energy insecurity in Ethiopia do not relate to a lack of resources but are mainly governance born (Infrastruc-ture development, insecurity and conflict, poverty, fall in world prices of cash crops). Despite the liberalisation of Ethiopia’s market for international invest-ment, the state still is the most dominant actor. But through government enforcement international investment and thus financial resources are increasing. If this continues, increased investments could accelerate the progress in Ethiopia’s many WEF security issues.


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TH Köln - University of Applied Sciences


Dr. Mohammad Al-Saidi

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