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Call for Papers // ‘The Soil-Water-Atmosphere Nexus’ Thematic Issue in Environmental Earth Sciences

United Nations University-FLORES guest editors are looking for manuscripts to contribute to the thematic issue in Springer Nature's Environmental Earth Sciences.considering soil, water, and atmosphere from an integrated WEF Nexus perspective, especially with relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals. Deadline: September 30, 2021.

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During the Anthropocene, human activities have significantly altered the natural environment. Changes in the biotic and abiotic environment are connected by a complex set of interrelations; they are also highly relevant to socioeconomic development. The Resource Nexus provides a conceptual framework for investigating and sustainably managing these interlinkages.

In a special thematic issue of Springer’s Environmental Earth Sciences, UNU-FLORES researchers invite manuscripts that consider several environmental resources in an integrated perspective. This thematic issue focuses on three specific dimensions of the Resource Nexus:

  1. Pedosphere and soil
  2. Hydrosphere and water
  3. Atmosphere and air

Considering the potential synergies and tradeoffs between different management objectives, manuscripts may focus on any one of the following aspects:

  • scientific investigation of interactions/interrelations between different environmental resources/compartments
  • integrated impact assessment of anthropogenic activities that affect more than one of the environmental resources/compartments
  • integrated technology-based solutions that support the conservation of more than one environmental resource/compartment
  • holistic management and governance approaches that consider at least two environmental resources/compartments concomitantly
  • sustainability assessment from an organizational perspective with a focus on management impact, and synergies/trade-offs between different objectives

Manuscripts may look beyond the pedosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere, but must refer to at least two of these compartments. Papers with a demonstrated relevance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are particularly welcome.

UNU-FLORES experts in various aspects of the Resource Nexus – Dr Daniel Karthe, Dr Lulu Zhang, Dr Sabrina Kirschke, Dr Nora Adam, Dr Serena Caucci, and Prof. Edeltraud Guenther – are co-editing the thematic issue.


Download the full call for papers.


Submit your abstract by 30 September 2021 to this email address: aswnexus@unu.edu.

Further information

Find more information about the submission guidelines on the publisher’s website.

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