event 29 nov. 2021 time 11:00 GMT+1

Webinar // Reporting on climate change complexity in the Mediterranean region

On November 29, AMWAJ is hosting a webinar exploring the interlinkages between water, energy, food and ecosystems (WEFE Nexus) with regards to journalistic reporting on climate change. The session will spell out with day-to-day examples how to embed that approach in the journalistic reporting when covering climate change.


November 29, 2021 | 11am GMT+1

About the Event

Mediterranean countries are facing a set of complex and interrelated challenges that are increasing climate change vulnerability of the region – many of which are directly related to water, energy and food production, distribution and use. These three elements are inextricably linked. Water is used for energy production, and energy is the dominant cost factor in providing water and wastewater services. Energy is needed for land conversion, construction and transportation, and energy and water are needed for agricultural productivity. Land is required for water, energy and food production but is becoming increasingly scarce.

The region’s rapid rate of urbanization and population growth – specially in coastal areas – is increasing the demand of these resources. The vulnerable coast must cope with relentless urban pressure coupled with the rising impacts of climate change. Coastal zones are faced with the grim prospect of erosion and the salinization of river deltas and aquifers that underpin livelihoods and food security.

Within the celebration of the first Mediterranean Day, this session aims to explain the basis of the interconnection between water, energy, food and ecosystems – the so-called WEFE Nexus – when reporting about climate change. The WEFE Nexus is an approach that integrates management and governance across the multiple sectors of food, energy, water, and ecosystems. The Nexus corroborates the need to not view water, energy, food and ecosystems as being separate entities, but rather a complex and inextricably entwined.

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AMWAJ is an initiative that brings together communication and media stakeholders, businesses, researchers and policymakers from both shores of the Mediterranean to ensure reliable and impactful communication about the water challenges we face, inspiring action towards sustainable water management.

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