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Workshop // Resource Nexus Dialogue and Workshop of the Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre (ABCD Centre)

The joint workshop “The Resource Nexus in Climate Adaptation and Water Security Strategies” aims to advance the knowledge on the Resource Nexus and seek a collaborative follow-up examining the Resource Nexus in climate adaptation and water security strategies with a comparative approach. The workshop is the starting point of a joint effort into collaborative work on the Resource Nexus, climate adaptation and water security.

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February 4, 2022 | 10am - 12pm GMT+1

About the Event

The Resource Nexus is a methodology of integration to support policy in managing environmental resources sustainably. It has gained traction within the sustainability agenda with its potential to contribute to improving the role of ecosystem services, restoring degraded ecosystems, and supporting livelihoods that are dependent on them.

In line with its mission to be an international leader for research, capacity development, and knowledge dissemination on the Resource Nexus, UNU-FLORES organises this event for the partners of the ABCD Centre, striving for an integrative approach to the management of water, soil, waste, and other resources.

This workshop seeks examples from practice addressing the following:

  • How does the Resource Nexus link to securing the availability and access to water resources?
  • What is the potential of using the Resource Nexus approach to enhance ecosystem resilience and nature-based adaptation measures?
  • How does the Resource Nexus concept enable transfer strategies for climate adaptation?

This is an invitation-only event.


  • Prof. Edeltraud Guenther, Director, UNU-FLORES
  • Dr Floor Brouwer, Adjunct Professor, UNU-FLORES
  • Prof. Daniel Karthe, Head of Research Programme, UNU-FLORES
  • Dr Serena Caucci, Associate Programme Officer, UNU-FLORES
  • Dr Lulu Zhang, Associate Programme Officer, UNU-FLORES
  • Prof. Mukand Babel, Water Engineering and Management Chair, Climate Change Asia at Asian Institute of Technology
  • Kaushal Chapagain (jointly supervised doctoral student, AIT Bangkok and UNU-FLORES)


A sustainable, adaptive and integrated water resources management to ensure water security for human well-being requires the consideration of multiple threats, including floods, droughts, and water deterioration, the development of innovative technologies and water management strategies, adaptive disaster management, the establishment of good water governance practices, including political, financial and cultural aspects. Therefore, climate adaptation and water security research is a major scientific and societal challenge.

Jointly with TU Dresden, RWTH Aachen Germany, the Indian Institute of Technology Madras IIT (Chennai, India) and the Asian Institute of Technology (Bangkok, Thailand), UNU-FLORES plans to establish a “Global Water and Climate Adaptation Centre” with a hub at IIT Madras and a satellite at AIT Bangkok.

The Centre’s ambition of becoming a global hub for water security and climate adaptation research is reflected by creating three interconnected, synergistically intertwined research clusters.

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