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Webinar // Transformative leadership program for women professionals in the water–energy–food–ecosystems nexus

NEXUS Gains studied barriers for WEFE stakeholders in Nepal, emphasizing the need for women's confidence in male-dominated environments. They launched the WEFE Leadership Course in June 2022 to address this. This NEXUS Gains talk will discuss how the course develops leadership in WEFE sectors for both men and women.


Transformative leadership program for women professionals in the water–energy–food–ecosystems nexus

Wednesday March 6, 2024 | 13:15–14:30 UTC / 14:15–15:30 CET / 18:45–20:00 IST

In 2022, NEXUS Gains carried out a study to assess barriers for water–energy–food–ecosystems (WEFE) stakeholders – including women professionals – in Nepal. Women across government, research, civil society, media, and NGO sectors stressed the need for more confidence building to operate effectively and have influence in a male-dominated work environment, while also advancing their knowledge and skills in WEFE nexus science.

To address this, the WEFE Leadership Course was launched in June 2022 in collaboration with GREAT International, Governance Lab, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), and the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. The course aimed to create WEFE nexus champions that can advance the uptake and implementation of people-centric WEFE approaches, while contributing to greater equality and social inclusion among professionals. Over six months, 22 participants (16 women, 6 men) and 19 mentors (13 women and 6 men) from WEFE sectors, representing government and non-state actors, participated in six learning sessions.

Aligned with International Women’s Day, this NEXUS Gains Talk will discuss the importance of the course to develop the transformational leadership capacity of women and men actors across WEFE sectors, to participate meaningfully in nexus discourses, policy processes, decision-making, planning, and implementation.

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  • Marlène Buchy, IWMI: The barriers to women professionals’ influence in WEFE sectors
  • Sanju Koirala, IWMI: Introducing the WEFE Leadership program
  • Bharat Kumar Pokharel, GREAT International: Course details
  • Meeta Sainju Pradhan: Experiences as a mentor


  • Manohara Khadka, IWMI Nepal and NEXUS Gains work package lead

The session will also include reflections from course participants and an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.


Background reading: Please click on the links to view the scoping study and a paper based on the study.

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