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Report // The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in Libya, UAE, Egypt and Iraq

By Martin Keulertz and Rabi Mohtar. This report analyzes WEF Nexus challenges in Libya, Egypt, Iraq and the UAE to explore whether a greater focus on renewable energy could provide future alternatives.

Wef nexus graphic

Figure 1 | Schematic representation of the WEF Nexus and its interdependencies. Source: Robi H. Mohtar and Bassel Daher, “Water, Energy, and Food: The Ultimate Nexus”, cit.


Libya, Egypt, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a strong renewable energy potential in solar power and energy sourced from feed stock. At the same time, these countries have limited water resources and food production capacity. Integrated management strategies centred on the “Water-Energy-Food Nexus” framework provide a useful way to address resource challenges. Energy innovation potentials are assessed in line with suggestions on governance obstacles and partnership opportunities for these four countries. This must however also be harmonised with new strategies for water and food security in order to strengthen rural livelihoods.

Paper prepared in the framework of the IAI-Eni Strategic Partnership, February 2022.


February 3 2022


Instituto Affari Internazionali (IAI)

Paper prepared in the framework of the IAI-Eni Strategic Partnership.


Download the full report here.

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