event 28 feb. 2017

Report // Energy Water Nexus (EWN) Strategic Roadmap

The EWN roadmap focuses on the interdependency between energy and water and identified opportunities for the Midwest region, M-WERC, The Water Council, and their members to further develop their leadership role in this emerging market space.

Book cover m werc strategic roadmap on the energy water nexus
This report claims to be a first-of-its kind compilation of currently available national and global EWN data, supplemented by input from dozens of EWN experts from industry, government, and academic institutions. The report seeks to provide a usable tool for M-WERC and The Water Council members to identify specific EWN applications, benefits, target markets, industry categories, technologies and products, and active companies within the EWN market space. Additionally, this report will allow members to focus on, reposition, and analyze their products and services within the framework of the growing global and regional EWN market space. The report draws on extensive collaboration among experts, industry leaders, and thought leaders in energy, water, and related sectors.


M-WERC website (public summary)


February 2017


  • Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC)
  • The Water Council (TWC)

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