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Nexus Fact Sheet // The Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

To meet the high demands in LAC, it is necessary to overcome the silos approach in the management of water, energy and food, enhance synergies and reduce trade-offs, and strengthen the decision-making determined by the interconnections. This includes strong considerations for the environment and the social equity as the basis for sustainable development. That is, to incorporate the Nexus approach.

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Areas of Nexus priority or critical interconnections identified for LAC are

  • hydroelectric generation
  • mining and oil
  • the expansion and modernisation of irrigation
  • overexploitation of aquifers
  • agriculture and food
  • drinking water and sanitation services,
  • biofuels

Objectives of the Nexus Regional Dialogue in Latin America and the Carribean

The Nexus Regional Dialogue (NRD) in LAC aims to promote the Nexus approach at high-level political discourses and strengthen the response process to the demands of water, energy and food security. By the end of 2018, the NRD in LAC expects to have delivered:

  • A Nexus Technical Political Dialogue, in which the regional progress in the Nexus implementation and the Nexus policy guidelines will be discussed (May 2018).
  • A training workshop on the Nexus in planning processes for high level professionals of governmental agencies (May 2018).
  • A national study in Peru on the alinement of water policies with national and development policies through the Nexus, with the Santa Eulalia river basin as a case, and a corresponding national workshop.
  • Public policies guidelines for the management of Nexus interconnections.
  • A Nexus pilot project in Chile on solar powered irrigation systems and groundwater extraction.
  • A Regional Action Plan with focus on 5 countries, which will include potential Nexus projects.
  • Knowledge exchange through the Nexus Resource Platform


English: Nexus Resource Platform website

Spanish: Nexus Resource Platform website

French: Nexus Resource Platform website


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