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Vacancy // Adjunct Professor/Researcher on the Resource Nexus at UNU Flores, Dresden, Germany

UNU-FLORES invites highly motivated and committed local and international experts with relevant experience in the field of the integrated management of environmental resources, who are available for short-term assignments/projects on the Resource Nexus, and who wish to support the research and training development of the Institute, to apply to the Adjunct Professor/Researchers Roster. Closing date: Open until position is filled.

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About the positions

UNU-FLORES invites highly motivated and committed local and international experts with relevant experience in the field of the integrated management of environmental resources, who are available for short-term assignments/projects on the Resource Nexus, and who wish to support the research and training development of the Institute, to apply to the Adjunct Professor/Researchers Roster. Experts applying to the roster are available for consideration whenever relevant opportunities arise. They can be available rapidly and go through an expedited contractual process. Experts joining this roster are also invited to actively apply to other vacancy announcements posted on our website. Selected candidates holding the Professor title shall be employed as an Adjunct Professor, those not holding this title shall be employed as Adjunct Researcher. The successful candidates will be invited to spend a sabbatical period of initially 6 to 12 months on a part-time basis at the Institute.


Under the authority and supervision of the Director of UNU-FLORES and in close collaboration with the academic team at the Institute, the successful candidate will

  • conduct research activities in the field of the Resource Nexus carried out by the Institute in collaboration with junior and senior researchers;
  • initiate and participate in activities related to budget funding and fundraising;
  • publish research outcomes in peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and policy briefs;
  • conduct policy analysis and advise on capacity development and governance issues relevant to the integrated resources management;
  • contribute and participate in the ongoing work of UNU-FLORES such as lecture series and institutional meetings;
  • perform other duties as assigned by the Director.

Required qualifications and experience

Required qualifications and experience of the position include:

  • a PhD related to the integrated management of environmental resources;
  • a minimum of five years of postgraduate research experience;
  • track record of research publications in areas related to integrated resources management;
  • proficiency in English both in oral and written communications; knowledge of German would be highly beneficial;
  • excellent writing skills with proven success publishing in peer-reviewed journals;
  • highly self-motivated, innovative, and organised, yet detail-oriented, with a professional and conscientious attitude, and the ability to independently prioritise;
  • strong planning, organisation, and time management skills, with the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently;
  • must be flexible with the ability to establish priorities and work within prescribed timeframes;
  • an excellent team player with strong interpersonal skills, as demonstrated by the ability to work in a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.

Duration of contract

The successful candidate will be retained under a Consultant Contract (CTC) for a period of 6-12 months. Consultants engaged by UNU may not provide services for more than twenty-four (24) months in a thirty-six (36) month period.

Starting date

As soon as possible.

Selection process

Evaluation of qualified candidates may include a desk review and/or a competency-based interview, background checks and references.

Individual consultants will be evaluated according to the following:

  • all applicants shall be screened against the minimum requirements for inclusion on a long list;
  • long-listed applicants shall be evaluated and shortlisted;
  • shortlisted candidates will be included on the UNU-FLORES Expert roster for a period of two years;
  • inclusion on the roster does not guarantee a contract with UNU-FLORES;
  • when the need for services arises, the Human Resources Unit will contact the applicant(s) matching the role to discuss their availability and Terms of References; if agreed, the selected person shall receive a contract for the work assignment.

Special notice

UNU does not sponsor a working visa for this position. Consultants do not hold international civil servant status nor are they considered a “staff member” as defined in the United Nations Staff Rules and Regulations.

Information about UNU rosters

UNU reserves the right to select one or more candidates from this vacancy announcement. UNU may also retain applications and consider candidates applying to this post for other similar positions with UNU at the same grade level and with similar job description, experience and educational requirements.


Interested applicants should submit their applications online using Impactpool and must upload the following:

  1. A cover letter setting out how your qualifications and experience match the requirements of the position and your expected daily fee
  2. A completed and signed UNU Personal History (P.11) form; please avoid using similar forms provided by other United Nations organisations
  3. A full CV with a list of publications
  4. Please include your author metrics (Papers, citations, h-index) from Scopus and Google Scholar
  5. Description of your expertise, focus areas, research questions, and your approach to UNU-FLORES’ research topics
  6. Digital copies of your degree certificate(s)/diploma(s)

About United Nations University

The United Nations University (UNU) is an international community of scholars engaged in policy-oriented research, capacity development and dissemination of knowledge in furthering the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations. The mission of UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are the concern of the United Nations and its Member States.

For the past four decades, UNU has been a go-to think tank for impartial research on human survival, conflict prevention, sustainable development, and welfare. With more than 400 researchers in 12 countries, UNU’s work spans the 17 Sustainable Development Goals’ full breadth, generating policy-relevant knowledge to effect positive global change. UNU maintains more than 200 collaborations with UN agencies and leading universities and research institutions across the globe.

United Nations University Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-FLORES) develops strategies to resolve pressing issues in the sustainable use and integrated management of environmental resources such as water, soil, waste, energy, and other geo-resources that are of concern to the United Nations and its Member States — particularly in developing and emerging economies. Based in Dresden, Germany, the Institute engages in research, capacity development, postgraduate teaching, advanced training, and knowledge dissemination to advance the Resource Nexus.


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