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Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme // Nexus Newsletter, Issue N°13, August 2022

The Nexus Newsletter is filled with project updates including activities, milestones and achievements as well as the latest news on the WEF Nexus, and interesting events. Learn more about some of our core activities as we support the implementation of the Nexus around the world.

NL 13


Dear reader,

Summer is coming to an end! While many have been on holiday getting some well-deserved rest and recuperation, the Nexus activities have been going strong – as we all know, sustainability doesn’t sleep!

The past few months have been filled with exciting accomplishments and activities to further mainstream the Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus approach! In this edition, we proudly highlight the multiple policy dialogues carried out across all five regions of the Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) team. Moreover, the NRD team hosted a webinar, organised by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), on WEF Nexus governance, bringing together both, science and practice - seeing inputs from IDOS and GIZ Jordan. In-keeping with events, we also want to steer your attention to the upcoming highlight event of the month of August: the Stockholm World Water Week! One of the three sessions in which Nexus team will participate sees the Frexus team offer examples from the ground on how local sub-Saharan communities can strengthen their climate resilience and security situation through the Water-Energy-Food Security Nexus.

As per our last edition, we have continued our Nexus Interview Series, this time you will get to know Maria Ana Rodriguez, Head of Project for the Nexus team; Ludmilla Kiktenko, Regional Coordinator for the NRD project in Central Asia and Desire Sengoga, Regional Advisor to the Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Kivu and Ruzizi River.

These are only some of the highlights of the last few months, so have a closer look at our feature to learn more!

Happy reading!

Your Nexus Team

In this issue

    • NRD - Central Asia
    • NRD - Latin America and the Caribbean
    • NRD - MENA | Middle East and North Africa
    • NRD - Niger Basin
    • NRD - Southern Africa
    • Support to the Integrated Management of Water Resources of Lake Kivu and the Ruzizi River
    • The Frexus Project

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