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Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme MENA // Minaret II Project: Empowering Municipal Governance for Climate Resilience Using WEF Nexus Approach

A policy dialogue event took place in Amman, Jordan with NRD MENA partners the Royal Scientific Society working towards empowering municipal governance for climate resilience via the WEF Nexus approach.

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NRD in the MENA region

Since 2016, the Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme in the Middle East and North Africa Region has been working across the region to institutionalise the WEF Nexus in public policy and planning. In the programme’s second phase they will continue this work with demonstration projects that show the value-added of the WEF Nexus, capacity building activities and the identification of financing opportunities.

Policy Dialogue Event-Amman Jordan

On September 28th 2022, as a part of Minaret II Project activities, our partners, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) has held a policy dialogue event gathering key WEF Nexus stakeholders in Jordan. The RSS is the largest applied research institution, consultancy and technical support service provider in Jordan and the MENA region.

Representatives from Ajloun and Ma’an municipalities, Energy experts, Ministry of Environment in addition to representatives from Environment and Energy programs of the European Commission have participated in the event. During the event, achievements of the first phase of Minaret have been illustrated with main focus on El Karak municipality. Then an overview of the Jordanian efforts in mitigating climate change impacts has been given.

The second part of the event included a series of interactive panel discussions tackling: Opportunities and challenges facing municipalities in managing natural resources, adoption of the Nexus approach and governance on municipalities level. The pathway towards Economic Development from circular economy perspective and municipal work under the framework of climate and sustainable development policies.

The MINARET II initiative has started in Jan 2022 and being implemented by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in Jordan in addition to implementation Lebanon and Tunisia. It consists of three phases: baseline assessment; developing a SECAP – sustainable energy and climate action plan – supporting municipalities to develop financially viable project proposals and mobilizing investments.

MINARET II aims to improve people’s lives by helping municipal governments to secure the funds and develop the skills they need to deliver high-quality public services, in particular with regard to natural resources management.

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