event 17 jun. 2022

Nexus Regional Dialogue Southern Africa // WEF Nexus Dialogue held in Zimbabwe

The Nexus Dialogue in Zimbabwe has successfully been organised under the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) WEF Nexus Regional Dialogue Project. The dialogues are designed to help regional and national stakeholders to develop concrete policy recommendations and action plans for future investments, particularly for multi-sector infrastructure and related capacity development.


The Zimbabwe WEF Nexus Dialogue was held on 16 June 2022 at Bronte Hotel in Harare, Zimbabwe. The dialogue drew participants from the WEF ministries and related departments like climate change, FAO, NGOs and members of academia. In his opening, Eng. Gilbert Mawere, the Acting Director of Water Resources Development and utilisation, alluded to the fact that the adverse effects of climate change threaten water, energy and food security in Zimbabwe. Therefore, the WEF Nexus approach can be an important tool to bring these three key sectors together to address these socio-economic challenges and improve the livelihoods of Zimbabweans. The participants engaged in group discussions that led to the identification of some priority WEF nexus national investment projects, challenges and opportunities for implementing WEF projects in Zimbabwe.

More information on the Nexus Regional dialogues Programme in Southern Africa

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