event 14 jun. 2023

Nexus Dialogue in the Niger Basin and Frexus Project // A three-day regional workshop in Niamey, Niger

A regional conference on the Niger Basin has begun, taking place in Niamey, Niger. The three-day conference covers the closing of the Nexus Regional Dialogues Programme & the Frexus project in combination with the presentation and launch of two new projects in support of the Niger Basin Authority.

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The workshop serves as a platform to present the comprehensive results and final reports generated by the Nexus Regional Dialogues (NRD) Programme and Frexus project during their implementation. The event was officially opened by the Secretary-General, M. M Awali Rabo, representing the Minister for Hydraulics and Sanitation in Niger, together with the representatives of the Delegation of the European Union, Ms. Magdalena Pruna, of the German Ambassy, M. Dietmar Bock, the Executive Secretariat of the Niger Basin Authority, Didier Zinsou, and the Coordinator of the National Focal Structure of Niger, Ms. Habsatou Ango Namata.

Enhancing Capacity: The Global Tool for Building Knowledge

The workshop also focuses on building the capacity of the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and National Focal Structures of its member states, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively utilise the tools developed by the projects, and highlight their added value for current and future projects in the Niger Basin and the Sahel. These tools include:

  • The Global Tool for conflict prevention, and the Local Tool for decision-making support developed by the Frexus project.
  • A computer-based impact analysis tool for Water, Energy, Food, and Ecosystem (WEFE) projects planned in the Niger Basin by the NRD Programme.

Exploring new ideas and projects for the future

The event will continue with the introduction of a newly planned project on the Nexus of water and climate, called Clim’O, which aims to improve the implementation of transboundary Integrated Water Resources Management measures for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the Niger Basin and which is financed by the International Climate Initiative, IKI. Eventually, phase III of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) project Support to NBA is launched, which provides institutional support to the Niger Basin Authority.

Although the NRD Programme and Frexus project are coming to a close, the conference highlights that the approaches will continue, and the developed tools will remain be of high value for the future activities and projects in the Niger Basin.

A press article was published by the Nigerian publication L'Éclosion - click here to read their article (in French only).

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