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Consultant Opportunities // Experts on Climate Change, Water Resource Management and the Energy-Water Nexus

US nationals only. The U.S. Department of State and U.S. Water Partnership (USWP) seek experts to share best practices and expertise on sustainable water management in Morocco with a focus on managing the risks and impacts of climate change on water resources. The purpose of this request for qualifications (RFQ) is to identify one to two experts on sustainable water management to engage with senior leadership at the Moroccan Water and Energy utility (ONEE) in a strategic planning exercise to define how best to manage the strains climate change is placing on local water resources.

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An appropriate sub-focus would be on the water-energy nexus given Morocco’s large-scale investments in renewable energy, the increasing need for water desalination, and the joint oversight ONEE enjoys for both energy and water. The expert will also conduct public outreach at local universities and other relevant institutions to raise awareness about water scarcity issues.


The North Africa region remains one of the most water scarce on earth. Drought and unpredictable weather events caused by climate change have placed additional strain on water resources in the region. Moreover, surface and groundwater resources are increasingly stressed by over-abstraction, saltwater intrusion, and pollution. Countries in the North Africa region are increasingly looking to boost their water supplies through wastewater treatment and reuse. Morocco could benefit from expertise and best-practice sharing to ensure its strategic planning accurately and effectively accounts for the impacts of climate change on water resources while appropriately addressing the water-energy nexus.


The U.S. State Department and the USWP seek experts in sustainable water management to meet with Moroccan officials, business leaders, and potentially academics to discuss policy approaches to water and climate security as well as the water-energy nexus. The experts will travel to Rabat, Morocco, to meet with key stakeholders from the national utility, Ministry Delegate for Water, and in the private sector. In addition, the experts will conduct public outreach at universities, think tanks, and/or NGOs to highlight climate-related water issues. This program will cover the consultant's travel expenses and an honorarium for each working day during the trip. The candidates must be available to travel to North Africa in February-March 2017 timeframe. The trip will not exceed one and a half weeks, including travel time. Applicants should be prepared to demonstrate expertise in the following areas. Please note that preference will be given to candidates affiliated with USWP partner organizations.


  • Subject Matter Expert - The candidate’s experience should reflect both an advanced understanding of and experience in the technical, managerial, and policy aspects of at least some of the following areas of expertise (listed in order of importance):
    • Water and Climate Security: Experience in both methods, policies, and technologies for sustainable water management in the face of climate change relevant to Morocco.
    • Water/Energy Nexus: Experience in managing the relationship between water resources and energy generation needs.
    • Water Desalination: Experience in balancing technology performance and energy requirements related to desalination.
  • Significant Field Expertise - The candidate ideally has experience with the aforementioned subject areas in the North Africa region and/or similar settings in other developing countries. Professional experience with a water utility are preferred.
  • Professionally Recognized - The candidate has been recognized by peers as an expert in the aforementioned fields. This may be demonstrated in a variety of ways including as a lecturer, speaker, panelist, trainer, or through other professional and educational experience.
  • Strong Communication Skills - The candidate has strong communication skills, both oral and written, and can communicate with a variety of audiences from other experts to a general audience with minimal understanding of technical issues.
  • Regional Competency - Relevant experience in the North Africa region is highly desired in a candidate; experience in other developing countries should also be highlighted.
  • French Fluency – Fluency in French is highly desired.
  • Follow up - Each candidate must describe how she/he intends to follow up on the initial visit to continue building relations with key stakeholders to serve as an ongoing resource, e.g. periodic teleconferences, remote supplemental training, advisory services, and/or expanding networks.

Next Steps: Application & Consultant Selection

  • An application should be a single attachment of a statement of motivation (limit 200 words) and resume (limit four pages) and should be received no later than by close of business 5:00 PM EST Wednesday, January 11, 2017, to Marc Dettmann at the USWP Secretariat (Marc.Dettmann@uswaterpartnership.org) with a copy to Tim Lattimer (Tim.Lattimer@uswaterpartnership.org).
  • Please indicate the relevant expertise areas (listed above) in the statement of motivation for which the applicant wishes to be considered.
  • The statement of motivation and the resume should address both this specific opportunity details and the qualifications listed in this announcement.
  • Each application will be reviewed by an independent group of peer professional experts. The USWP Secretariat will contact applicants who are selected for interviews soon after. The USWP Secretariat will make all candidate selections and travel arrangements in concert with the U.S. State Department, which funds this program.
  • Short-listed experts may be asked subsequently to provide a specific writing sample or other example of relevant work products demonstrating an ability to engage effectively with lay audiences for their areas of expertise.
  • Preference will be given to candidates affiliated with USWP partner organizations.
  • Participants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, so please confirm this in your application.
The USWP Secretariat welcomes contact from organizations interested in co-funding future consultancies under this program initiative. If you have any questions or would like more information about co-funding or this particular opportunity with Morocco, please send an email to Marc Dettmann with the USWP Secretariat at Marc.Dettmann@uswaterpartnership.org with a copy to Tim Lattimer at Tim.Lattimer@uswaterpartnership.org. Source: Josh's Water Jobs website

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