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Call for papers // Sustainability Nexus Forum Journal

The Sustainability Nexus Forum (SNF) has officially announced the opening of their latest call for papers. This is an opportunity for experts in the field to submit research and ideas on various topics related to the complex interdependencies of environmental, societal, and economic Nexus and sustainability.


The open calls for papers are indicated at the bottom of this article.

Sustainability Nexus Forum (SNF) is an inter- and transdisciplinary journal and derives its mission from three crucial assumptions:

  • First, the transformation of our world towards sustainability, as laid out in the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, is a central challenge for inter- and transdisciplinary research and effective policy implementation.
  • Second, this transformative task requires a nexus perspective to succeed – this being an approach that theoretically understands, and practically enhances, the governance of sustainability transformations in terms of their explicit interlinkages across actor groups, sectors, scales, and policy levels.
  • Third, academic research, policy-making, and societal dynamics need fora for mutual exchange, transfer and learning to foster intellectual openness, creative pioneers, and strong coalitions – both in research and practice.

Aims and Objectives

Sustainability Nexus Forum (SNF) is an inter- and transdisciplinary journal that aims to contribute to the transformation towards global sustainability. This transformative task can only succeed with a nexus perspective– i.e, an approach that theoretically understands, and practically enhances the governance of transformations and their explicit interlinkages across actor groups, sectors, scales, and policy levels. It welcomes high quality contributions that make a difference: meticulous double-blind reviewed research and review articles, science policy perspectives offering new insights, as well as well-argued debate and comprehensive analysis. In bringing sustainability-focused discourse to the forefront of politics, business, and societal practice, SNF targets, but is not limited to, scholars, academics, politicians, policy-makers, and practitioners.

With these motivations in mind, the Sustainability Nexus Forum extends a warm welcome to inspiring contributions across all those research fields that aim to:

  • Contribute to a better understanding of sustainability transformations and their enhancement across the globe and in all relevant aspects, trends, and (emerging) requirements.
  • Incorporate the complex interdependencies of environmental, societal, and economic systems (‘nexus’), as well as the strategic interactions of individual actions, managements, policies or governance responses in multi-sector, multi-level or polycentric settings.
  • Promote unique perspectives with regard to science-policy advice, the role of knowledge and transfer, or the dissemination of divergent positions, dynamics, drivers to, or barriers of sustainability transformations.

SNF is an international journal, and all published papers are peer-reviewed.

Publications in SNF

Publications in SNF shall not be restricted to specific well-established academic perspectives. Rather, the Journal’s guiding interest – in line with its three key motivations – span a wide and inclusive plethora of themes that can be both transcended and criticized. Indeed, the Journal is interested in expanding upon previously-established discussions e.g., on environmental management and governance, the resource nexus and human-environmental interactions, global sustainability governance, green economy topics, (inter)national policies towards climate neutrality and circularity. They are also equally interested in the boundaries of these fields; on new emerging topics, and stimulating perspectives, e.g. related to technological change and digital disruptions as an urgent sustainability issue, to protest and civil disobedience, to the future of planetary environmental and biodiversity observation, or to global dynamics in times of multiple crises.

Journal Updates and Call for papers

With the new launch in 2023 Sustainability Nexus Forum welcomes submissions to upcoming topical collections:

  1. Nexus Perspectives for Sustainability Transformation
  2. Nexus Perspectives for Sustainable, Just and Timely Transitions in the Era of Climate Change, Geopolitical Tension and Energy Insecurity
  3. The Resource Nexus for New Modes of Science-Policy Interaction
  4. Sustainability Nexus Perspectives on Water Security and Climate Resilience

The calls for papers are now officially open - Click here to find more information on the current calls for papers.

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