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Call for Applications // Nexus Gains launches Water-Energy-Food (Nexus) Training

Nexus Gains Training is opening applications for scholars,graduates, researchers and for any other stakeholder conducting research and development related to the WEF nexus and related fields such as agriculture, forestry, water, energy, engineering, climate change, ecosystems, and environment. The main objectives are to promote participants' knowledge of the WEF nexus and to facilitate tools and methods for analysing the WEF nexus.

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Achieving water, energy and food (WEF) security is a priority for southern Africa and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, especially under unfavourable climate change, increasing urbanisation, population growth, and advanced ecosystems degradation. Achieving WEF securities will require a collaborative and inclusive approach, which considers the interconnections and interdependencies between the three sectors. Since 2011, when the WEF nexus first came to prominence, various actors have been championing it at various levels. There has been progress in building a shared understanding of the WEF nexus concept, using it to facilitate discourse through various dialogues, and recently developing frameworks and analytical models/tools.

The WEF Nexus Masterclass and in person Advanced School are capacity-building initiatives to support early career researchers, postgraduate students, managers, and practitioners in understanding nexus thinking, particularly the WEF nexus, as a transformative approach to sustainable natural resources management and socio-economic development. As the field of nexus research is relatively recent, participants will be exposed to this rapidly developing and critically important way of thinking. Participants will improve their knowledge of the WEF nexus and get acquainted with the concepts, how to facilitate discourse and new frameworks, tools and methods for analysing the WEF nexus. The online WEF Nexus Masterclass is a feeder and preparation for the in-person Advanced School.

WEF Nexus Masterclass

The Masterclass to be held from the 13th to the 15th of June, is an online introductory course to the WEF Nexus. The objective is to:

  • Provide an introduction and foundation to the WEF nexus concept.
  • Provide analytical tools and their application in facilitating discourse, with a focus to introduce participants to systems thinking and some of the approaches that underpin the WEF nexus.
  • Serve as a foundational course and prerequisite for the in-person Advanced School.

There are no costs associated with the attendance of the WEF Nexus Masterclass. Upon completion of the Masterclass, participants will be issued with Certificates of Attendance.

WEF Nexus in-person Advanced School

The objective of the WEF Nexus in person Advanced School is to build on the understanding of the WEF nexus (from the Masterclass) to improve evidence-based decision-making capacities of the participants. Therefore, the advanced school will focus on:

  • Improving the ability to conceptualise the WEF Nexus linkages and potential impact on resource management and regional policies.
  • Strengthening skills and knowledge about tools and methods for WEF Nexus assessments, planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Networking and mentoring, i.e., improving international communication between practitioners, postgraduates, early career researchers, senior researchers, and experts to build and consolidate a WEF network in southern Africa and the MENA region.

Upon completion of the in-person Advanced School, participants will be issued Certificates of Attendance.

The WEF Nexus in-person Advanced School for Southern Africa will be held at the Future Africa, University of Pretoria, Campus, Pretoria South Africa from 14 to 18 August 2023. The WEF Nexus in-person advanced school for the MENA region will be held at Zain Platform for Creativity at the Hashemite University in Jordan from 10 to 14 September 2023. There is no opportunity for online participation.

Program Cost

There is no fee associated with participation in the online WEF Nexus Masterclass. However, a fee is associated with the WEF Nexus in-person Advanced School. The following are the prescribed fees:

The fee for participation in the two regions for in-person Advanced school is:

  • MENA region, €900.00
    (excluding accommodation and travel costs)
  • SADC region, €900.00
    (including accommodation but excluding travel costs)

The fee includes registration, lunch and teas during the in-person Advanced School and the field trip. Participants are responsible for their accommodation, flights, airport transfers and meals outside the in-person Advanced School hours.
A limited number of full and partial sponsorships are available to financially needy candidates from SADC countries who meet the criteria to participate in the WE F Nexus in-person Advanced School (see application form for details).

How to Apply

The deadline for applications is 30 April 2023.

Visit this link to fill in the application form for the WEF Nexus Masterclass and in-person Advanced School for Southern Africa and the MENA region. When applying, participants should indicate whether they wish to be considered for the Masterclass and in-person Advanced School or to participate in either. Applicants should participate in the Masterclass to be accepted for the in person Advance School. This can be waivered if participants previously attended the Masterclass in 2021 and 2022.

Further Information

Please check out the flyer for further information.

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