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Webinar // SoLAR Webinar Series: Appropriate Institutional Modalities for Grid-Connected Solar Irrigation Pumps in Nepal

The Nepal Electricity Authority, the Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), SDC and IWMI will jointly organise Webinar 4, where experts will explore the possibility of grid-connected SIPs in Nepal and the opportunities and challenges that they offer.

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Thursday, 4 February 10:00 – 11:30 NPT / 9:45 – 11:15 IST


The IWMI-led Solar Irrigation for Agricultural Resilience (SoLAR) project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) is organizing a series of six webinars between 1-5 February 2021. SoLAR project aims to generate knowledge to sustainably manage water-energy and climate interlinkages through the promotion of solar irrigation pumps (SIPs). The goal of the project is to contribute to climate-resilient, gender-equitable, and socially inclusive agrarian livelihoods in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan by supporting government efforts to promote solar irrigation.

Achieving progress in poverty reduction with minimal carbon emission is at the core of the climate and sustainability challenge. This need is particularly acute in South Asia, where further expansion of irrigation holds the promise of pulling smallholders out of poverty, but will also result in large increases in carbon emissions due to overwhelming dependence on fossil fuel-based groundwater pumping. SIPs offer a “climate resilient” solution, yet adoption is slow. Little is also known about the impact of SIPs on groundwater use. In this six-part SDC-IWMI webinar series, we will explore some of these larger questions around energy transition and SIPs in four South Asian countries.

The webinars will be 1.5 hour to 2-hour online events, and will involve speakers from all four countries, as well as speakers from outside the region and will be open to the general public.

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Webinar 4: Appropriate Institutional Modalities for Grid-Connected Solar Irrigation Pumps in Nepal

In Webinar 4, we will explore the possibility of grid-connected SIPs in Nepal, and the opportunities and challenges that they offer

The Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) is the agency responsible for developing and promoting renewable energy technologies in Nepal. AEPC has been promoting solar irrigation pumps (SIPs) since 2016 as guided by Renewable Energy Subsidy Policy (2016) and Subsidy Delivery Mechanism Guidelines (2016). Since the start of its program in 2016-17, AEPC has supported nearly 1,400 SIPs through its subsidy program, and has contributed to raising national interest in the SIP program.

Subsequently, central as well as provincial and local governments are putting emphasis on expanding SIPs as a means to enhance access to irrigation. So far, Nepal has taken the off-grid route to solar irrigation, but the need for grid connection is being increasingly felt due to reasons which this webinar will explore.

The Nepal Electricity Authority, along with AEPC and IWMI are embarking on a small pilot to facilitate grid connection of SIP in Nepal. In the fourth episode of the SoLAR Webinar series, experts from Nepal will discuss the modalities and future of grid–connected SIPs across the country.

Moderator: Dr. Manohara Khadka, IWMI Nepal

Speaker and Topic:

  1. Are SIPs utilized to theirfull potential? Early evidence from SIPs installed in Nepal Tarai: Dr. Ram Fishman, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  2. Institutional modalities of grid connected SIPs: A review: Dr. Vishnu Pandey, IWMI Nepal/Tribhuvan University, Nepal


  1. Mr. Madhusudhan Adhikari, Executive Director, AEPC, Government of Nepal
  2. Mr. Hitendra Dev Shakya, Acting Managing Director, NEA, Government of Nepal
  3. Ms. Resha Piya, British Embassy Kathmandu
  4. Mrs. Kiran Kumari Thakur, Deputy Mayor, Gaur Municipality, Rautahat district
  5. Mr. Anjal Niraula, Gham Power

Concluding remarks and vote of thanks

  1. Dr. Aditi Mukherji, IWMI India


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More information on the SoLAR webinar series here

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