Assessment of the state of knowledge related to science, integrated observations, and governance in the W-E-F Nexus, Karlsruhe/Germany

Workshop // Assessment of the state of knowledge related to science, integrated observations, and governance in the W-E-F Nexus, Karlsruhe/Germany

to be held at Fraunhofer IOSB in Karlsruhe, November 23— 25, 2015.

Participation is by invitation only as places are limited.

You are welcome to express your interest via the "register" button on the workshop website; the organisers will ensure that you are kept informed and will confirm your participation in due time.

The goals of the Workshop are:

1. Identify gaps in our understanding and our ability to resolve W-E-F Nexus issues.

2. Explore

a) decision making at the operational level and

b) policy development at national and international levels in the Nexus with an emphasis on integrated management of energy and water, the links to bioenergy, the bio-economy and land management and the role of the public and private sectors.

3. Identify observation types and essential variables, datasets, software platforms and tools (e.g. for modelling and analysis at different spatiotemporal scales, change of scale, handling of Big Data), indicators for decision making,

4. Identify pilot projects, research activities, and program strategies whereby Earth observations can be effectively integrated into decision-making within emerging W-E-F Nexus collaborations.

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