Land and Soil at the Nexus: The need for targets embedded in the SDGs

Side Event at the Nexus Conference // Land and Soil at the Nexus: The need for targets embedded in the SDGs

Convened by UNCCD and IASS. Soil and land degradation poses a great challenge for sustainable development. The world is losing approximately 24 billion tons of fertile top soil every year because of wind or water erosion. The development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a Post-2015 framework offers the opportunity to place soils and land on the global development agenda.

The workshop will apply a multi-stakeholder dialogue format and focus on short presentations with dynamic and open discussions.

These resources underpin key ecosystem services such as the provision of renewable energy, food and water which are entrenched in the discussions for the development of the SDGs and are expected to become standalone goals. However, interlinkages between these services pose the challenge of managing tradeoffs as well as considering implications for land use and land use changes. A Nexus framing can help minimize tradeoffs at two levels: first, we need to develop an approach to coherently integrate soil and land resources in the SDGs at the target and indicator level, in addition; we need to complement the implementation of the Nexus at the global level through integrated natural resource management at the landscape level. At the workshop, we will discuss existing concepts and initiatives to reach a joint understanding of soil and land-related aspects that need to be addressed in the SDGs in order to minimize tradeoffs and discuss a potential partnership to develop appropriate targets and indicators as input to the UN Sustainable Development Goals process.

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Solar-powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)

E-learning Course // Solar Powered Irrigation Systems

The GIZ Powering Agriculture Team has supported University Ostfalia to develop an e-learning course on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems. The course will be entirely online and look at sustainable water management, solar pumping essentials, planning and implementation, and operation and maintenance. E-tutors will support the students throughout the course.

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Conferences, Forums and Symposiums

IAMG2019 // 20th Annual Conference of the International Association for Mathematical Geosciences

The conference will cover the usual topics in geo-mathematics, geostatistics, and geomodeling but in particular will bring to fore geomodeling issues at the intersection of food, water, and energy. The challenge of meeting the increased demand for food, water, and energy and the resultant stress on our geo-sphere is broadly accepted as one of the major scientific challenges facing mankind. The feedback processes intrinsic to this tri-partite cycle are best-studied using sophisticated...

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Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW) 2019

Stockholm World Water Week 2019

In 2019, World Water Week will explore an inclusive approach. This week’s theme: “Water and society – including all” is recognizing that not everybody is impacted in the same way by too little, too much or too dirty water. Less obvious than last year, the Nexus approach will remain at the heart of the water debate, especially through the seminar topic "Addressing migration through regional integration and water security for all", that explicitly connects water, energy and food security as the...

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