Connecting the Dots: Energy-Water-Food Nexus

Plenary at the Singapore Energy Summit 2012 // Connecting the Dots: Energy-Water-Food Nexus

This panel examines the inter-dependencies among the three spheres and discuss how governments and businesses can put in place coordinated policies, strategies and investments to ensure energy-water-food security for all.

Energy, water and food are clearly inter-related. The production of food requires water and energy. Many forms of energy production also need water — to cool coal, nuclear and solar plants, to refine crude oil, and to produce biofuels. Energy is also needed to purify and distribute water. Managing energy poorly can thus have a detrimental impact on water supplies and agricultural production, and vice versa. The global community cannot afford to manage these three elements in silo. Instead, governments and businesses have to learn to better exploit synergies and mitigate tradeoffs among energy, water and food for sustainable development.

Panel Speakers


Dato' Sri Peter Chin Fah Kui

Minister Of Energy, Green Technology And Water, Malaysia


Ruth Cairnie

Executive Vice-President Strategy and Planning, Royal Dutch Shell


Prof Tommy Koh

Ambassador-At-Large, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore

About the Summit

The Singapore Energy Summit is a high-level dialogue that brings together ministers, policymakers and business leaders to discuss global energy trends and solutions needed for the energy sector. One of the summit sub-themes is the water-energy-food security nexus.

Other summit sub-themes

-Options for the Future Energy Mix

-Financing Tomorrow's Energy Needs

-Keeping the Door to 2°C Open

-Connecting the Dots: Energy—Water—Food Nexus

Emphasis is given to interactive discussions and audience participation, with a real-time interactive Q&A platform where delegates can submit questions directly to panellists from their smart phones.



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