"Limited Resources - Unlimited Security Risks", Munich/Germany

Panel Debate // "Limited Resources - Unlimited Security Risks", Munich/Germany

On this Global Luncheon Panel, guests and speakers will meet to discuss the interdependance between resource security, development and security policy.

Resource scarcity is a challange for both developed and developing countries. This is true not only in economic terms but in terms of security. On this panel, strategies on resource related security issues will be discussed

The rising competition for limited resources is a challenge to national security and regional stability. According to the Earth Security Index, a new tool that measures converging country pressures on water, food, energy, demographics and budgetary stress, BRICS and other emerging economies are critically exposed to resource bottlenecks. Given the growing inter-dependence of countries in view of international trade and investment flows, the limits of energy, water, food and land resources also pose critical challenges to governments, the industrial sector as well as financial institutions in developed economies. New security policies are needed to confront resource tipping points, which go beyond military defense, and involve other stakeholders to create stability in the access to resources.

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Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW) 2019

Stockholm World Water Week 2019

In 2019, World Water Week will explore an inclusive approach. This week’s theme: “Water and society – including all” is recognizing that not everybody is impacted in the same way by too little, too much or too dirty water. Less obvious than last year, the Nexus approach will remain at the heart of the water debate, especially through the seminar topic "Addressing migration through regional integration and water security for all", that explicitly connects water, energy and food security as the...

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SWWW 2019 Seminar // Addressing Migration through Regional Integration and Water Security for All

Regional economic integration can foster transboundary water management as well as energy and food security. It also attracts investments that address infrastructure deficits, accelerates participation in global and regional value chains, and stimulates economic growth. All are important entry points for sustainable development. However, environmental and social co-benefits are typically not as well quantified as economic growth.

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Special Session at 38th IAHR World Congress // Sustainable Water Storage to Meet Water, Food, and Energy Development Goals

Storage to stabilize water availability is essential to sustain water, food and energy production, reduce hazards, and adapt to climate change. Regulation of water resources using dams and reservoirs played a major role in the socio-economic development of northern countries during the 20th century, but practices of the time often led to undesired environmental and social impacts. Thousands more dams and reservoirs are planned for construction in the next decades, mainly in Asia, Africa, and...

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