Nexus Seminar // Responsive Water Governance in Context of Semi-Arid Environments and Developing Countries

Lecture by Prof. Dr Muna Mirghani, visiting professor, TU Berlin. The topic of the presentation is linked to the broader discourse on sustainable water resources management. It highlights the importance of water governance adaptation as a core component of national development strategies and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in developing countries.

Based on a multidisciplinary approach combining social and technical/natural sciences, the content addresses two core aspects, namely:

  • The interlinkages between water governance gaps and sustainable development objectives;
  • Adapting water governance to a river basin context in order to achieve desired development outcomes.

The content engages strategic thinking to identify underlying causes hindering the achievement of sustainable water resources management goals. The application of the approach to a typical challenge in inland water systems in semi-arid environments in Sudan is shortly introduced.

Where and when

TU Dresden
Hörsaalzentrum, Room 405
Bergstrasse 64,
01069 Dresden

22 Jan 2018

About the Nexus Seminar Series

UNU-FLORES in collaboration with the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of TU Dresden is excited to announce the Nexus Seminar Series. The joint seminar series, which launched in 2015, features lectures by senior scholars that highlight all dimensions of research on the Nexus Approach, ranging from hands-on implementation strategies to theoretical debates. The Nexus Seminars serve not only as a platform for scientific exchange and cooperation between UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden but also a medium for the partner institutions to discuss their research with a broader audience.

Taking place once a month, each seminar is open to the public and held alternatingly at UNU-FLORES and TU Dresden.

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