Nexus Dialogue in Central Asia // Preparatory Meeting for the Second Central Asian International Environmental Forum

The goal of the meeting in Tashkent/Uzbekistan will be the preparation for the Second Central Asian International Environmental Forum. The participants will discuss the opportunities, which are provided by intersectoral cooperation for the preparation of investment projects, and to launch a regional coordination mechanism for the Nexus Dialogue in Central Asia.


The tasks of the meeting are

  1. Informing of the global Nexus initiative, the gist of the “interconnection approach” and the possibilities of its application in the countries of the region;
  2. Presentation of the best practices, lessons and recommendations for a more effective application of the “interconnection approach” in Central Asia;
  3. Discussion of the first results of the Nexus Project, scheduled activities and expected results in the years 2018 - 2019;
  4. Receiving recommendations for assessing the potential and needs for the application of intersectoral planning in Central Asia.

The meeting is held with the financial support of the EU project “Central Asia Nexus Dialogue: Fostering Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus Dialogue and Multi-Sector Investment” (the NEXUS Project).

The meeting will be held in the format of a one-day roundtable, including the work in groups and interactive discussion.

The participants of the meeting will be the representatives of the key partners, nominated to supervise the Project implementation in the countries of the region; the representatives of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan; an international expert of the EU Cooperation Development Program (EUDEVCO); an international implementation partner of the IUCN Project.

For more detailed information you may contact the persons below:

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