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Research Article // Designing innovative solutions for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

By Jean-Baptiste Decoppet and colleagues. This report analyses WEF-based applications and business models in the Niger Basin region and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

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African and Middle East countries still face complex challenges such as widespread poverty and unemployment, persistent food and water insecurity, lacking infrastructures and industrial capabilities, as well as economic and political instability. Expanding populations and economies will add stress on the current infrastructure and supply systems of countries, also leading to a surge in demand over basic resources such as water, food and energy in the forthcoming years. It is estimated that by 2030 Africa’s water consumption will increase by 283% compared to 2005 levels; food demand by 60% compared to 2015 levels, and electricity demand by 70% compared to 2016 levels.The inter linkages captured by the WEF Nexus offer a ground-breaking perspective to increase access to clean energy combined with securing water and food. As such, the WEF Nexus can reveal business models that look at how water, energy and food can be connected to respond to essential development needs, increasing economic productive capacities and driving socio-economic welfare while reducing trade-offs and sustaining an efficient and sustainable use of limited natural resources.


March 2023


RES4Africa Foundation


Decoppet, J-B., Guzzo, D., Traini, L., Gambino,V., Roncallo, F., Bagnara, G.L. (2023). Designing innovative solutions for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus. A comprehensive review of business models for the WEF Nexus. Res4Africa Foundation.


Designing innovative solutions for the Water, Energy and Food Nexus

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