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Publication // Nature-based solutions in agriculture: Project design for securing investment

By E. Hallstein and T. Iseman. The FAO and the Nature Conservancy have published this paper to assess the environmental and business cases for private investment in Nature-based Solutions, review the current state and trends of private investment in agriculture Nature-based Solutions, identify barriers to increased product development and investment, and provide a framework and resources for project managers seeking to develop investable nature-based projects in agriculture.



Today, the global food system drives a ten trillion-dollar economy that connects 7.5 billion consumers and a diverse array of more than 1 billion food producers (farmers, ranchers, pastoralists, and fish harvesters). Approximately one-half of the world’s habitable lands are used for agriculture (Ritchie, 2019). Not surprisingly, the food production system has a massive impact on our planet. As we look to the future, global food demand is set to increase 50%, including a 70% increase in protein demand by 2050 (OECD and FAO, 2018). Any solution to our challenges around climate, conservation and human well-being will need to involve a transition in the way we produce food and fiber. Agriculture can begin to use Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to reduce environmental impacts and, in some cases, enhance agricultural productivity. But in order to realize the full potential of Ag NbS to have a positive impact on these problems, we need new ways to fund them that are commensurate with the scale of the opportunities.


February 2021


FAO and The Nature Conservancy


Hallstein, E., and Iseman, T. 2021. Nature-based solutions in agriculture Project design for securing investment. Virginia. FAO and The Nature Conservancy.


Nature-based solutions in agriculture: Project design for securing investment

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