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Project // BRIDGE: Building Resilience In a Dynamic Global Economy - Complexity across Scales in Brazil

The BRIDGE project is a UK-BRAZIL collaboration funded by the Newton Funds, comprising of the ESRC and FAPESC. It supports researchers in the modelling, understanding and governance of the Food-Water-Energy Nexus.

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The BRIDGE project aims to develop a framework of analysis and policy engagement to improve the resilience of the Brazilian Food-Water-Energy (FWE) nexus to global environmental and economic change, in close cooperation with the Brazilian academic community. It combines established UK expertise and specifically developed, state-of-the-art analytical capacity in socio-economic and environmental modelling to build a robust environmental policy assessment methodology for the Brazilian FWE nexus in the context of global change. The modelling capacity, skills and knowledge will be transferred to relevant actors in Brazil to enable local academics to continue informing and engaging policymakers through a continued sustainability transition during and beyond the end of this project. BRIDGE is a three year project, with a consortium formed of five institutions, led by the University of Cambridge, with Co-Investigators at Radboud University (Netherlands), The University of the South of Santa-Catarina UNISUL (Brazil), Cambridge Econometrics Ltd (UK) and The Open University (UK).

Project partners

  • Scientific direction: Jean-Francois Mercure, Radboud University and University of Cambridge
  • Administrative direction in UK: Jorge Vinuales, University of Cambridge
  • Administrative direction in Brazil: Baltazar Andrade Guerra, UNISUL

Work Packages

WP1 - Management

Leader: Jean-Francois Mercure

WP2 - Modelling

Leader: Jean-Francois Mercure
  • The diffusion of innovation and land-use modelling: Jean-Francois Mercure
  • Macroeconomics and trade: Hector Pollitt, Cambridge Econometrics Ltd
  • Climate change modelling and the planet surface: Neil Edwards, The Open University

WP3 - Policy Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement

Leader: Jorge Vinuales
  • Stakeholder Engagement - Pablo Salas, University of Cambridge
  • Policy Mapping and Analysis - Pierre Bocquillon, University of East Anglia

WP4 - Pilot Action Projects

Leader: Baltazar Andrade Guerra
  • Management of the Pilot Action Projects - Baltazar Andrade Guerra, Rafael Faraco, Joao Marcelo, Issa Berchin, UNISUL, Florianopolis, Brazil

WP5 - Public Dissemination and Engagement

Leader: Baltazar Andrade Guerra

WP6 - Innovation, Diffusion and Technology Transfer

Leader: Pablo Salas


The project is funded by the Newton Fund, a collaboration between UK and Brazil Research Councils, the ESRC and FAPESC. Source: University of Cambridge website

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