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Policy Brief // Outcomes of the EU Horizon 2020 DAFNE PROJECT: The Zambezi River Basin Integrated Cooperation for a Vital Resource

This policy brief is derived from research conducted under €5.5M four-year EU Horizon 2020 and Swiss funded ‘DAFNE’ project which concerns the promotion of integrated and adaptive water resources management, explicitly addressing the WEF Nexus and aiming to promote a sustainable economy in regions where new infrastructure and expanding agriculture has to be balanced with social, economic and environmental needs.

Policy Brief Zambezi River

Key Policy Messages

  • The integration of key legal and policy frameworks including international water law principles, the WEF Nexus and the Sustainable Development Goals could streamline existing efforts and further implementation.
  • Benefit-sharing which extends beyond the energy sector could enhance regional integration and improve sustainable development within the basin.
  • Harmonisation of laws, policies and commitments at national level could bring more benefits to all basin countries and enhance the exemplary ZRB governance structures within the basin
  • Basin States which have not ratified the SADC Protocol and ZAMCOM agreement should be encouraged to do so, reaffirming commitment to water governance and improving uniformity across the basin.


October 2020


This Policy Brief was produced by Julie Gibson and Zeray Yihdego (University of Aberdeen). Funded under the H2020 Framework Programme of the EU.

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