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Workshop // Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS) in Santiago, Chile

The BMZ / EU Nexus Regional Dialogue Programme in collaboration with the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and with the support of the Institute for Agricultural Development (INDAP) and the Powering Agriculture Programme conducted the professional training on the “Toolbox on Solar Energy Irrigation Systems (SPIS) for advisers” between November 28 and December 01, 2017, at the dependencies of ECLAC in Santiago, Chile.

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(C) Markus Spiske / Unsplash

The training introduced SPIS to the participants, through the analysis of opportunities and risks in the specific environment in which this system is applied. For this purpose, the workshop was implemented following the structure of the Toolbox, which has been developed based on information and real experiences from developing countries for the promotion of SPIS.

During the four days of workshop, various activities were carried out both at ECLAC and in the field, in order to have more interaction between the participants. Two SPIS projects were visited on-site, and case studies and group exercises were used.

The event was attended by 27 participants from seven countries (Bolivia, Chile, Colombia , Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay ) all of them originated in the different sectors: water, energy and agriculture. 26% of the participants were women.


  • inputs for the Regional Action Plan
  • seven (basic) country profiles on promotion of SPIS
  • possible technical assistance on SPIS and groundwater extraction in Chile
  • interest of the Bolivian Government in visiting SPIS stations in Chile
  • audiovisual recording of the training (full workshop online)

This last point is available on the Youtube Channel of the Nexus Dialogue in LAC.

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