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Summer Workshop // Transforming water conflict, climate resilience and international water law.

Oregon state university is launching a new workshop to be held from the 20th to 30th of June in Corvallis, Oregon (USA). This workshop will enhance the participants understanding and build their skills to tackle the vital environmental challenges of our times.


Background and motivation

Because there is rarely enough good quality water and natural resources to meet the needs of everyone, everywhere, managing these vital resources often means managing conflict. Oregon State Univerty’s Summer Workshop in Water & Natural Resources is designed to enhance your understanding and build your skills to tackle the vital environmental challenges of our times.

Our water and natural resource sessions revolve around three interconnected themes:

  • natural resources and climate adaptation
  • transforming water conflicts
  • international environmental and water law

Each highly interactive session is designed to demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of these challenges, and to bolster capacity to address them.

Program Design and target group

Providing these concentrated offerings collectively and onsite, the workshop to promote an atmosphere of commonality and community to help build towards a sustainable, equitable, and peaceful future.

This program is designed for:

  • state or federal agencies
  • NGOs
  • advocacy groups
  • development partners or development banks
  • professionals and graduate students in any water-related field

Place and date

All sessions will be held on the Oregon State University campus in Corvallis, Oregon, with supplemental online coursework.

Week 1: June 20-23 (8 am-5 pm)

  • Session 1: Water Conflict Management and Transformation
  • Session 2: Managing Natural Resources for Climate Adaptation

Week 2: June 26-30 (8 am-4 pm)

  • Session 3: International Environmental and Water Law

You may select one or two sessions total, as Week 1 sessions are offered concurrently.

Further Information

Please visit this link to find more information about the sessions and the register form.

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