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Webinar // Innovations in Irrigation - 2020 Water for Food Global Webinar Series

The Irrigation Innovation Consortium (IIC) is a collaborative research effort to accelerate the development and adoption of water and energy efficient irrigation technologies and practices through public-private partnerships. This session will provide an introduction of the IIC from its executive director, followed by an overview of projects from several IIC partners that demonstrate the diversity and range of collaborative research supported by IIC with funding from the Foundation for Food and Agriculture (FFAR).

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Webinar: November 12 | 10-11:30 a.m. CDT (11 a.m. EST/15:00 UTC)

A panel discussion with the panelists will follow, touching on many key questions important to advancing water and energy use efficiency and including:

  • What factors limit technology effectiveness and adoption in the ag and landscape space?
  • How do different partners (industry vs. academic) view and address different verification standards in terms of product development and improvement?
  • What are the difficulties with making tech solutions both user friendly and able to be used correctly?
  • How can research and industry inform each other and partner in laying the groundwork for development of future products and tools?

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