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Webinar // Advancements in Agricultural Water Management and Regulation: Lessons and Opportunities

Within its 2020 Water for Food Global Webinar Series, the Water for Food Daugherty Global Institute at the University of Nebraska hosts a webinar on the topic "Advancements in Agricultural Water Management and Regulation: Lessons and Opportunities". 

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The Water Policy Group is a network of current and former high-level water policy leaders at the national and international level that spans six continents who can give policy advice based upon years of practical experience in the field.

In this seminar, several of the group’s members will talk about a variety of global innovative approaches in water management and regulation in the agricultural sphere related to water quality and water use efficiency. The topics will include cutting edge technology, public-private and market innovations in more efficient water use, and creative regulatory approaches to empower agricultural communities to improve groundwater management, quality, and sustainability.

After registering, participants will receive a link to attend the Zoom webinar through email.


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