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Nexus Event // Dialogue on “The Status of Water-Energy-Food Nexus in South Africa”

The Water Research Commission (WRC) has identified the WEF nexus as one of its focus “lighthouse” areas and invites to a dialogue on status of the WEF Nexus in South Africa on the 22. February 2019.

Food nexus dialogue

The World Economic Forum, 2011, the Water Research Commission (WRC) Science – Policy dialogue hosted in 2016, and several scientific papers published for the past 6 years by the WRC and its partners highlighted that the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus is gaining recognition nationally, regionally and internationally as a cross-sectoral approach to resource management and sustainable development. The WRC has identified the WEF nexus as one of its focus “lighthouse” areas of research and has funded research on the WEF nexus. Based on this research and as part of the WEF nexus lighthouse initiatives, the WRC has decided to host a science-policy dialogue on the 22nd of February 2019 at the WRC offices using the research project completed by the University of KwaZulu–Natal (UKZN) in 2018. The project provided useful insights on the status of the WEF nexus in South Africa and also outlined a possible research strategy to guide future WEF nexus research for South Africa.

The WRC would therefore like to invite you to attend this dialogue as one of the WRC key strategic partners. Your attendance and contributions to the discussions on this day will add much value to the research and development initiatives that are undertaken as part of the WRC’s Water – Energy – Food Nexus lighthouse.

The aim of the dialogue is to:

  • exchange and share ideas on the WEF nexus with stakeholders,
  • share and disseminate research findings as well as highlight some of the work done by the WRC based on recently completed project titled “Assessing the status of the Water – Energy – Food nexus in South Africa”.


22 February 2019


Water Research Commission Offices's, Lynnwood Bridge Office Park, Bloukrans Building, 4 Daventry Street, Lynnwood Manor, Pretoria, Gauteng South Africa




Invitation: Dialogue on "The status of Water-Energy-Food Nexus in South Africa"


  • Phone: +27 12 761 9300
  • Website: www.wrc.org.za

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