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Event // World Water Week, August 2023

Organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the World Water Week 2023 will take place between August 20 and August 24, 2023. The event aims to develop solutions to the world’s greatest water-related challenges, with topics ranging from food security and health to agriculture, technology, biodiversity, and the climate crisis.


World Water Week 2023 is focused on innovation at a time of unprecedented challenges. The theme Seeds of Change: Innovative Solutions for a Water-Wise World invites us to rethink how we manage water. Which ideas, innovations, and governance systems will we need in a more unstable and water scarce world?

About World Water Week

World Water Week has been organized every year since 1991 by Stockholm International Water Institute, which curates the content. It is the leading conference on global water, championing cooperation across sectors and national boundaries.

Tackling the greatest challenges of our time often starts with water. Here you can delve into a broad range of topics, from food security and health to agriculture, technology, biodiversity, and the climate crisis. Each year has its own theme which is explored from many different perspectives.

At World Water Week you will meet a diverse and inspiring mix of decision-makers, business leaders, city planners, activists, and researchers from all over the world. Many are trailblazers who have found new and smarter ways to manage water. People join the conference to share new ideas, learn from each other and collaborate on innovative solutions.

World Water Week is also an important meeting place for policymakers and institutions to accelerate progress in international processes related to water, development, and climate.

The World Water Week programme is co-created with leading international organizations to give access to the latest trends and insights from many different fields. Here you find:

  • Sessions on a broad range of topics. For the most part, these are curated by SIWI but convened by leading organizations from around the world.
  • SIWI Scientific Seminars arranged by World Water Week’s Scientific Programme Committee. The topics of the seminars are chosen to delve deeper into different aspects of the year’s thematic scope.
  • Accelerators, which is a capacity-building programme run together with partner organizations. Currently, the focus is on communication and business, two perspectives of crucial importance to accelerate the shift to more sustainable societies.
  • Prize ceremonies. The world’s most prestigious water award, the Stockholm Water Prize, is presented in a royal award ceremony during World Water Week. You can also follow the exciting finals of the international competition Stockholm Junior Water Prize.

Date, Location and Agenda

August 20-24, 2023 (Stockholm, Sweden)

See the 2023 Theme and Seminar Series here.

Host a session at World Water Week 2023

World Water Week 2023 is an inclusive, hands-on conference for people who want to use water as a tool to change the world. All voices and perspectives are needed and this year taking part online will be free of charge for participants. Apply to engage here.

Further Information

Please find more information about the World Water Week 2023 here.

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