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Conference // GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference: How to build an equitable, resilient food future

Many parts of Africa are facing catastrophic drought due to the effects of climate change. But there’s good news: a growing movement of local communities and traditional leaders are working to restore the continent’s degraded landscapes. Join them at 2022 Road to GLF Africa. Free for residents of countries in Africa.

GLF Africa

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15 September 2022 I online I GMT +3 (East Africa/Nairobi)

About the Conference

With millions on the brink of starvation, Africa is bearing the brunt of a mounting climate and food crisis. But there is still time to protect the continent’s livelihoods and landscapes through land- and nature-based solutions, powered by the wisdom of local communities.

At GLF Africa 2022, discover how we can build an equitable and resilient food future for the continent. This virtual event offers the latest insights on the tools or practices needed to transform Africa’s food systems, as well as the opportunity to connect with all sectors from over 185 countries.

Join over 6,000 participants and 50 expert speakers as we act to stave off mass hunger and climate catastrophe and showcase examples of successful local food and climate solutions from across Africa and beyond.

About Global Landscape Forum (GLF)

The Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) is the world’s largest knowledge-led platform on integrated land use, dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Agreement. The Forum takes a holistic approach to create sustainable landscapes that are productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient and considers five cohesive themes of food and livelihoods, landscape restoration, rights, finance and measuring progress. It is led by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), in collaboration with its co-founders UNEP and the World Bank and Charter Members.

Agenda and Thematic Areas

  • Sustainable finance: from markets to value chains
  • Resilient, regenerative landscapes: from restoration to agroecology
  • Landscape rights: from inclusive tenure to policy change

Visit the GLF website to find the full agenda.


Use this link to register for the Event.

Registration is free for residents of countries in Africa

Further Information

Please visit the Road to GLF Africa website for further information.

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