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Energy and Ecosystems

02 Mar 12

Green Energy from Black Water

by Hamburg Wasser, Germany

HAMBURG WATER Cycle in the Settlement Jenfelder Au – Integration of the Infrastructure Services Water and Energy

The conversion of former military barracks into a new residential area of about 630 households, called Jenfelder Au, is one of the largest urban development projects in Hamburg at present. The urban design concept for the 35 ha area follows a high quality approach to develop a climate-neutral, attractive neighborhood for approx. 2,000 inhabitants abundant with green space and urban water.

The current urban wastewater disposal is energy and water intensive and does not allow a guaranteed return of nutrients to agriculture. HAMBURG WASSER, Hamburg’s water supply and wastewater utility, rethinks the way of wastewater management by implementing an integrated concept for decentralized wastewater treatment and energy production – the so-called HAMBURG WATER Cycle (C) – in this new residential area, based on source control of wastewater. Stormwater, greywater and blackwater are collected separately and then treated separately on-site. The realization of the HAMBURG WATER Cycle will be the hitherto largest demonstration of a resource oriented sanitation concept working with vacuum technology for the collection of concentrated black water.

Making use of synergies between wastewater management, waste management and energy production, the realization of the concept leads to a cutback of water consumption up to 75%. Moreover nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen can be returned to agriculture. The process generates electricity and energy for space heating, resulting in a low carbon quarter.

  • Kim Augustin, Department Manager Technology Development, Hamburg Wasser, Germany



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Green Energy from Black Water

by Hamburg Wasser, Germany

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